3 Challenges Extracting Data from Ecommerce Websites

The competition within the e-Commerce market is frenzied. With more than 2 millions sellers on Amazon alone, a massive volume of listings are updated daily. Many businesses thus opt for web scraping to extract data. However, there are three obstacles you need to be aware of that might roadblock your trip of getting quality data, and eventually impact your business in a bad way.

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Reportgood and reportbad answer notifications

It's important to setup both reportgood and reportbad reports in your software integrated with 2captcha.com.

Why is that important:

  • You — will receive refunds for bad answers and overall quality of answers will be higher
  • We — will detect bad workers faster
  • Workers — will earn more!

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ReCaptcha V2 Update on February

On February 14th, Google released a major ReCaptcha V2 update aimed at countering automative solutions. It seemed like the best-ever ReCaptcha update that affected our service: regular users never felt a thing while automative solutions either stopped working altogether or started working very slowly. It was a might blow to our service, we thought Google finally won and we'd have to increase the rates for captcha solutions, but then we decided to hold this off for a while and went to work.

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