hCaptcha is a quite new type of captcha that is really similar to ReCaptcha and looks like this:

How to solve hCaptcha

1.Open developer's console in your browser and find element with data-sitekey attribute.
<div class="h-captcha" data-sitekey="3ceb8624-1970-4e6b-91d5-70317b70b651" id="hcaptcha"></div>
2.Send sitekey and pageurl to 2Captcha API.
// https://github.com/2captcha/2captcha-php

require(__DIR__ . '/../src/autoloader.php');

$solver = new \TwoCaptcha\TwoCaptcha('YOUR_API_KEY');

try {
    $result = $solver->hcaptcha([
        'sitekey' => '3ceb8624-1970-4e6b-91d5-70317b70b651',
        'url'     => 'https://2captcha.com/demo/hcaptcha',
} catch (\Exception $e) {

die('Captcha solved: ' . $result->code);
Wait for the result, which may look like this:
2.1 Send GET or POST request to our API URL: https://2captcha.com/in.php with method set to hcaptcha and provide the value found on previous step as value for sitekey and full page URL as value for pageurl.
Request example:
GET https://2captcha.com/in.php?key=YOUR_API_KEY&method=hcaptcha&sitekey=3ceb8624-1970-4e6b-91d5-70317b70b651&pageurl=https://2captcha.com/demo/hcaptcha
2.2 If everything is fine server will return the ID of your captcha:
Otherwise server will return an error code.
2.3 After 15-20 seconds send GET request to get the result:
GET https://2captcha.com/res.php?key=YOUR_API_KEY&action=get&id=2122988149
If captcha is already solved server will respond with the answer token:
If captcha is not solved yet server will return CAPCHA_NOT_READY result. Repeat your request in 5 seconds. If something went wrong server will return an error code.
3.In developer's console, find textarea with id="g-recaptcha-response", and put there received code. Then, submit the form.
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