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Faucet Collector

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Official page: https://faucetcollector.com

Websites: freebitco.in, freedoge.co.in, faucetcollector.com, moonbit.co.in, Collapse/Expand
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#8776506 Vlasta Bošnjak


#8776506 Vlasta Bošnjak


#5242544 Radosław

FaucetColector. Hmm, a good program, however, is small but. If you collect alone because you do not have the opportunity or do not want to play you in collecting referrals, then this is not a program for you. Why I am explaining now. A monthly license costs a minimum of $2.49. For this, buy Captcha solutions, for example at this site for a minimum of $1 for about 1100 solutions (at a rate of $0.00085 for one solution) for a total of 30 days we have $3.39 in BTC gives it according to today's rate is around 0.00101 BTC, in order to pay off you need to collect in my opinion a minimum of 0.00202. Unfortunately, my condition after 11 days of BTC on coin pot gives only 0.0005441907BTC, i.e. a minimum of over 50% of the investment (about $1.88). 11 days have passed and solutions have been left for about 2 days of the program's work. so that the program would work for me 30 days, I need to buy solutions for $3 which should be enough for 33 days (+/- 2 days). In my opinion, the price of the program on a monthly (as well as annual) subscription is inadequate to profit per year at today's BTC rate, it will give about $22 profit (of minimal cost), which is very poor result. The BTC course will probably go up some time, however, and the profit will increase, however, the higher the BTC rate, the less we get from BTC faucets, and our solution costs plus the license are fixed, from about $44.99 to $65.88. So the sum of the sums, our losses are falling. In addition, there is the risk of finding the bot and receiving the ban. That's why I do not recommend software.

#5828086 Anonym

Great software! , the best robot in the market, 100% recommended

#6659679 Anonym

Not bad at all.Easy to use believe me im no computer boffin and ive stussed it out so anyone can..

#6548952 Anonym

Works great! Very helpful, only thing I don't like about it is that its license is limited to one use per pc, so if you want to use multiple you'd have to buy multiple licenses.

#1589117 Anonym

not working SCAM

#2364353 Anonym

This Is Amazing! No more having to run to the computer 5-6 times a day to collect coins

#2724381 Anonym

Great software. Works like a charm.

#2332032 Oscar

price no match in the page


ReCaptcha Solver extension for Firefox & Chrome


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CoinCollector V3

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Official page: http://www.autoclickbots.com/coin_collector.html?from=2captcha

Websites: autoclickbots.com
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