Software for Workers

If you want to increase your earnings with 2captcha you may install our software:


Recommended software — CaptchaBotRS
There is also an alternative version — RuCaptcha Bot X

You may also use our Android app: 2Captcha bot for Android
It allows you to solve "I'm not a robot ReCaptchas" as well as the usual ones.
Please note: there is no plans to develop Workers' software for iOS, MacOS and *nix at the moment.

Advantages for working through client:
1) “I’m not a robot” ReCaptchas become available, which pay $1 per 1000
2) Fixed work zone – no jumps/skips
3) You can see TOP100 of workers today and your place in the overall rating

If 2captcha bot doesn't work:
In a very rare cases, the program may not start as usual. So kindly, check if one of the following procedures had already been done after downloading:

1. Run the 2captchabotsetup as Administrator and finish the Installation Wizard 
2. Run the bot in Compatibility Mode
3. Install .NET LIBRARY (requires only if there is no .net library yet in own PC) 
4. If these procedures doesn’t work at all, reinstall the downloaded bot and install other software that is compatible to your windows version.

If this doesn’t help, please wait for the next update.

This software works through proxy server, so if you already use a proxy for your internet it will not work.
If you have problems with current version and previous version worked fine you can keep working through it: old version (09.07.2016)
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