Worker's FAQ
Working on 2captcha

To start your online job on 2captcha you need a computer with keyboard or a smartphone.

Register an account on our website, then hit “Start work” at the top.

You will pass a short training that will guide you on captcha solving process and when training is complete you will start to earn money solving captchas.

There are people who need to solve many captchas to complete different tasks. They can pay some small amounts for solving captchas because it helps them to save their time.

And there are people who can earn some funds online for solving captchas (Workers).

Our service is made to connect customers and workers. We get captchas from customers and distribute them to workers.

Our rates are flexible and depend on total amount of captchas submitted by customers, total number of workers online and complexity of captchas.

Rate for normal captchas is between $0.14-$0.60 per 1000.

Rate for ReCaptcha V2 that can be solved when you use our software is fixed to $1 per 1000.
Rate for each captcha is shown on your screen near the captcha.

Your balance is indicated on the DASHBOARD.
Please note that balance is rounded to two decimals so you will see it starting from $0.01.

Reputation shown how many captchas you solved totally. You get 1 reputation point for every 1000 captchas you solve.
Reputation doesn’t affect the rate, complexity or speed of captcha. You can't withdraw your reputation - it’s not funds, it’s just a number of captchas solved.

You can use your referral link to invite your friends to our service and you will get 10% of their earnings. More info on our referral program you can find in referral section of FAQ.

Solving captchas

Our training shows how to solve different type of captchas. Usually you have to type the text from the image, click on squares with some objects or type numbers of such squares.
You always can pass the training again - just click here and hit "Start over" button.

To pass the training you need to solve all training tasks correctly. First part of training is made to show you how to solve captchas. Tasks contain hints and instructions and even correct answers are shown to you. Second part of training is made to check what have you learned - it's an exam that you should pass by yourself.

Training tasks are very easy and if you will be careful then you will pass it quickly. You should read and understand hints and instructions shown on the screen.

All training tasks are verified by our staff and accept only correct answers. So if training system shows that your answer is incorrect then it's really incorrect. Check your answer again and read instructions and hints carefully.

If you can't read the captcha you should click "It's not a captcha" button or use "Alt+Q" hotkey. But remember that if you will use that button to skip readable captcha system will temporary suspend your account.

System puts you into sleeping mode if you don't solve captchas. To continue you should just click on "Start" button. If you want to take a rest press "Stop" button.

If you make too many mistakes system will temporary suspend your account. Then moderator will check your answers and make a decision.

If you made mistakes obliviously then moderator will ban your account forever and you will be unable to continue your work or make a payout request.

If your mistakes were unintentional then moderator will unsuspend your account or forward you to training and you will be able to continue to work on our website.

Moderation takes up to 2 working days and you should wait until your account will be checked.

There's no exact number of mistakes allowed. There's a complex algorithm that analyses complexity of the captcha, time you work, your previous mistakes and even Moon's current phase!
Just always try to provide correct answers. And don't do mistakes obliviously and you will not be banned.

Every time one of our customers sends a captcha to our server it’s immediately distributed to one of you. If captcha is not loading that means only that there’s more workers available than captchas sent by customers. And you just have to wait a little bit.

Usually we have more captchas on weekdays starting from 3PM GMT because many of our customers are in the US and they start their work on this time. We can’t speed it up, it’s not a speed issue, it happens because we don’t have a captcha for you at the moment.

You can find captchas solved during past 2 hours in Mistakes section. It's not possible to see older mistakes.

In very rare cases system can mark correct answer as incorrect. We know that it happens and we can't do anything about that. There's no need to inform us about such cases. Don't worry you will not be banned for that!

No, it's not possible to resolve a mistake you made. Just be careful and try to provide correct answers.

Somehow you entered SandBox mode. Just click here and switch SandBox to OFF.


To withdraw your funds you should make a PayOut request.
You can request PayOut to one of supported wallets:

Wallet Minimal withdrawal Fee
Airtm $1 0%
Bitcoin $30 0%
Bitcoin Cash $0.25 0%
Payeer $0.5 0%
PerfectMoney $0.5 0% $0.5 0%
WebMoney $0.5 0%

Other methods like PayPal, BankTransfer, WesternUnion are NOT supported.

If you don't have any of supported wallets you should register one.

And we don't know which method is the best for your country - you have to find that by yourself.

Minimal withdrawal amount shows how much you should have on your balance to withdraw funds to selected wallet.

Each payment system has own minimal value that can be sent through their system. That's why you can't withdraw less.

Usually payout requests are procesed within 3-5 business days (Mon-Fri). Sometimes payments can pass through almost immediately and sometimes they can get stuck in Pending status for a week.
Please wait at least 5 business days before contacting us about your payout.

That means that your request is still waiting while payment system will process it. Sometimes it takes just few minutes but sometimes it takes few days.
Please be patient and wait while it will be processed. There's no need to contact us if your payment is in Pending status less than 5 business days.

We can send the payment only to one of supported wallets. Then you can use the wallet to pay for your needs or transfer funds to your bank account or get cash. To learn how to do that refer to wallet's documentation or contact the support of your wallet.

To change your wallet go to PayOut page click "Edit" then enter new purse number and click "Change" button. You will receive an email with confirmation link. Click on the link to confirm wallet change.

Yes, unfortunately you funds are lost because it's impossible to get them back from the wallet you entered in your request.
Please always make sure that you enter valid purse/wallet number in your payout request.

If your account is suspended forever by moderator then you will be unable to withdraw your earnings.

No. Reputation just indicates how many captchas you solved, that's not money. You can only withdraw your earnings from your balance.

We dont' know that. You should check by yourself which method is more convenient for you.

We don't know. You should check by yourself. The easiest way is to search in Google something like: 1 USD to 1 INR or 1 USD to 1 PHP
Just write your local currency instead of INR or PHP.

It is possible to payout your earnings to and Coinbase. To do so you should choose Bitcoin as a payout method and put in your or Coinbase BTC wallet ID. Please note that minimal withdrawal requirement for this method is $1.00.

We don't have any registration fee. If you've been asked to pay for the registration of 2captcha account you are the victim of fraud. You should act accordingly and contact local officials as we have no relations with the persons or companies charging you a fee to register a working account on


You can change your password in your profile settings.

You can change your email in your profile settings. To change your email address you should have access to your current email. You will receive message with confirmation link on your current email. That is made for your safety.

We can't change your email manually. If you can't access your current email you should contact your email provider to restore access.

To reset your password use Password Recovery option on login page.

You will receive message with confirmation link on your email. Follow the link to complete password recovery process.

We can't delete your account and doesn’t provide such option on the website for safety reasons.
If you don't want to interact with our website anymore then just log off and don't login back.
Your account will be automatically deleted after long period of inactivity.


Software allows you to solve ReCaptcha and earn $1 per 1000 solved captchas.

It's not possible to solve ReCaptcha if you are working on the website.

You can find the latest software for Windows and Android and learn how to configure it on this page.

No, we don't have software for these platforms.

Most of our users are using Windows and Android so we are not planning to develop software for other platforms.

That happens when you solve many ReCaptchas. Google detects that and doesn't show new ReCaptcha to you.

Google don't like that people are solving ReCaptcha and earn money for that. Sometimes they show you that error message or even ban your IP.

Try to configure your software as shown on this page. If that doesn't help then you got to wait until your IP will be unbanned.

Unfortunately we can't help you with that issue so there's no need to contact us on that matter.

Google don't like that people are solving ReCaptcha and earn money for that. That's why they make their captchas more and more complex and even ban IP of workers who solve captchas.

Try to configure your software as shown on this page. If that doesn't help then you got to wait until your IP will be unbanned.

Unfortunately we can't help you with that issue so there's no need to contact us on that matter.

Yes. You can use the application for Android that can be found here.

Or you can use mobile interface.

Referral program

Referral program allows you to invite your friends to work on 2Captcha and get some additional income: referral commission is 10% of their earnings.

Referral commission is added to your balance automatically at the end of each day when your referrals earn money. Then you can withdraw it as your earnings for solving captchas.

Find your referral link on the DASHBOARD, copy the link and send to your friend using email, your favorite messenger or post it somewhere in your blog or on the forum.

People who used your link for registration on 2Captcha will be your referrals.

That can happen in two cases:
- your friend didn't used your link or copied it incorrectly (lost some characters from the link)
- your friend was already registered on the website

It's not possible that your friend used the link correctly but not added to referrals - this system was tested and verified many times and works perfectly.

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