Terms for Workers

2Captcha entitles workers to earn funds by solving captcha tasks using 2captcha.com web interface and authorized applications, provided that the worker solves captcha tasks in good faith. Registration on website and using apps for work is free!

It is prohibited to:
  • skip solvable tasks;
  • make deliberate mistakes;
  • use 3rd party software to bypass tasks;
  • modify software to solve captchas;
  • use multiple worker accounts to solve captchas;
  • simultaneously run a worker account on multiple devices;
  • add funds to 2Captcha worker account for the purpose of later withdrawal;
  • make suspicious or cheating activity such as using our names to scam people or such like.
  • The account found to be in violation of the above rules will be blocked permanently, its funds not to be withdrawn.
  • Abidance by these rules enables a worker to withdraw the funds earned using the payment systems listed in the Personal cabinet on 2Captcha.

Note: We don't have any registration fee or learning courses you have to pay for. If you've been asked to pay for the registration on 2captcha.com or learning courses about work on our website, you are the victim of fraud. You should act accordingly and contact local officials as we have no relations with the persons or companies charging you a fee to register a working account on 2captcha.com or learning courses accordingly.