Software for Workers

If you want to increase your earnings with 2Captcha you may install our software.

Software list

Please note: there is no plans to develop Workers' software for iOS, MacOS and *nix at the moment.

How to start

To use the software you'll need to put in your Key. Follow these steps to locate your Client Key:

  1. Run a browser on any device and log in to your account on
  2. Make sure your account is in Worker mode (switch is at the right top corner).
  3. Scroll a page down to a Solve captchas section.
  4. Your Client KEY is in blue color. Copy and paste your Client KEY to the App and then click Auth button.
  5. Alternatively you can scan it by switching to QRCode if you want. To do so first click on QRCode link below your Client KEY on a page and then click on a QRCode icon on your Android App. QRCode scan window will arise and you will be able to scan it from your Personal cabinet.


  • Windows bot

    In a very rare cases, the program may not start as usual. So kindly, check if one of the following procedures had already been done after downloading:

    1. Run the installation file as Administrator and finish the Installation Wizard
    2. Run the bot in Compatibility Mode
    3. Finally, address our support team.
    4. Please keep your software up to date.