ASL Suite

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Take your email marketing to the next level with the ASL Suite !
ASLMailer + ASLClicker

Earn thousands of credits and send thousands of your advertising emails to potential buyers looking for your product.

ASLMailer . . .
ASLMailer will automate the Safelist mail sending process for over 30 Directly Safelist websites, *more possible depending on website type

You can add you mail to be sent from files or typed in from the UI, you have the ability to spin any part of your messages including the url your promoting,

Preview your message, this includes previewing what your "Spun" message will look like and or course you can edit your mail if you need to before sending.

Safelist users who have multiple accounts at the same sites and/or like to keep lists organised to reflect safelist sending frequency restrictions (24 hours/ 3 days/ 7 days etc ..) can do this easily, add and store multiple Safelists to use as and when you need,
On screen options for the user to select between adding a new list and/or updating an existing list.

A built in OCR (Optical Character Recognition) takes care of any login captchas to save you spending money on captcha services, the Captcha control panel also allows you to set retry amounts for total control and also options to use a Captcha service or manual as backup.
Switch between Browser and Data view to monitor exactly what is happening at all times, with status displays on the main UI and within the Data view you know what is currently processing in real time,

View the built in Browser to watch the process as and when it is happening
Switch Data view to see which Safelist is currently processing and information about the current sending task.

Muti-Threading allows you to run multiple concurrent mailing tasks, meaning you can send to all of your "Supported" Safelists in super quick time, during beta testing we successfully sent to 37 safelist sites in under 12 minutes.
*Multi-thread performance entirely depends on the Users System and its specifications
No need to worry about any Safelist sites that require you to browse or click some ads before you send, ASLMailer will auto-detect this and complete the required tasks and then continue to the mailing process
*some restrictions apply

Save your results to csv or txt file to keep track of what you have sent, how many were sent and where they were sent too.

ASLClicker . . .
ASLClicker will automate your Safelist Credit mail earning using your Gmail account/s,
Add multiple Gmail account IDs either via the IDs Settings panel manually or add multiple Gmail IDs using a csv file then save them to use as and when you wish,

Mail connection is made via secure IMAP protocol and is preconfigured for easy set up, just add your Gmail account ID credentials and ASLClicker will do the rest, ..

Not sure on the password ? .. Don't panic, you can use the Plug icon in the Browser view to check your details and/or connection

Once you successfully connect you will see a list of your pre-created Labels containing your Safelist Credit mails with the total messages in each folder/label displayed to the right,
Select exactly how many messages you want to be processed and also set the waiting delay between opening and clicking each Credit Mail

You can make multiple Safelist Label selections and ASLClicker will process each one in sequence until your total amount to click is reached
*Limitations apply

A built in OCR (Optical Character Recognition) takes care of ALL "Supported" end of Credit Mail Ad captchas to save you spending money on captcha services, this includes text and image type captchas and of course options to use a Captcha service or manual as backup, the captcha control panel also allows you to set retry amounts for total control.

Multi-Threading allows you to run multiple concurrent Credit Earning tasks, meaning you can earn multiple "supported" safelist credit mail ads amazingly fast, ..
*Please note SOME safelist websites only allow specific amounts of credit mail ads open at once (1 / 3)
*Multi-thread performance heavily depends on the Users System specifications

Status displays in both Browser and Data view for you to monitor everything that is happening in real time including total clicks, total credits earned per session and also the current status of each individual credit mail process.

*IMAP Connection guide
*Safelist Marketing Success PDF


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