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google.com recaptcha update

Update regarding solving ReCaptcha on google.com

This article is an update to this one.

Two issues
Today we noticed two issues causing problems with solving ReCaptcha on google.com. 1. A lot of unsolved captchas. Unfortunately, if some worker could not solve it because of bad proxy or could not load a captcha for some reason, this captcha will never be solved. That's because we can't pass it to another worker as this solution 100% will not work.
2. Low percentage of valid tokens (from 40 to 60%)

Issue number one has no solution for now. But we always return your funds if we can't solve a captcha for you.
Second issue fortunately has a solution. What we found today:
1. Proxy is not nessesary, but percentage of good tokens is higher with proxy.
2. You are advised to send us your cookies from google.com. But you should not use a cookies of our workers.

If you send us proxy and your cookies, the percentage of valid tokens will be 100%!

So, what is new for today.

1. Cookies
Add a "cookies" parameter to your request to in.php. ":" separates cookie name from it's body and ";" separates different cookies like this:

2. Proxy
Add "proxy" parameter in following format:
login:password@ and "proxytype" parameter indicating type of your proxy: HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, SOCKS5.
proxy=login:pass@ proxytype=HTTP If your proxy has access control, add our IP address as allowed.

1. How you get google.com cookies if you parse google.sm and has no google.com cookies? How could you get cookies from google.com if you are solving on another website and parser never goes to google.com before captcha arrives? For example, you are parsing www.google.sm and you don't have google.com cookies. All you need is to open google.com and save it's cookies. Then, when you parse on google.sm and receives a captcha, send it to us. 2. If a token doesn't work for you or if we didn't solve a captcha for you, you can't just try to solve it again. Instead, you must go back and get a new captcha from search. If you don't do that and will try to send same captcha again, your IP address will be banned by Google.

By the way, you can see our investigation live on our forum post at captchaforum.com.

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ReCaptcha at google search google.com/sorry/index


Solving captcha for google.com search is working now. You have add an additional parameter "data-s" to your request to our API. You can find it's value in "data-s" variable on a page you want to bypass a captcha challenge on. More info below.

What happened

Starting from 18 of May sometimes ReCaptcha was not working from the first submission on google.com/sorry/index webpage. The problem wasn't obvious and was taken as an accident. Nevertheless, the percentage of such cases was rising and reached almost 100% at weekend.

Unfortunately, we thought it was a result of errors with google.com itself at that time. Even the manual solving in browser sometimes didn't work from the first time and resulted in recurrent captcha challenge. Probably there really was an error in google.com, you can check video attached to this post. Now it is fixed by google so you will be able to bypass a captcha challenge from the first time in browser. But it is not working via 2captcha.

Meanwhile on 25th of May we started to understand the scale of the problem as we observe it. Almost all services for parsing products and semantic analysis stopped working so we started our investigation.

What to do now to solve captcha on google.com/sorry/index

1. Find a value of "data-s" variable on google.com/sorry/index page and send it as a value of "data-s" parameter in your request to in.php. Note that this value will be new every time you solve a captcha.

2. You should NOT run these JS which loads the captcha on google.com/sorry/index. If you load the captcha on the webpage and then send us this captcha for solving, a token we provide with a solution then will NOT work. That is because of this new data-s variable. A captcha could be loaded only once with given data-s.

What else new about this new captcha


  1. Google released undocumented functionality. There is nothing regarding "data-s" in ReCaptcha V2 documentation.
  2. "Data-s" value is unique and ReCaptcha controls that each data-s is accessed only once. So if you open a webpage and captcha was loaded, then we will not be able to provide a working solution for this captcha. So you have to parse a HTML code of the page for "data-s" value and send it to us.
  3. There are few more tricks implemented by ReCaptcha along with "data-s" requirement. Now they control the integrity of data on a page with captcha. It takes us a lot of time to figure out how to deal with these tricks. We had to implement the way we transfer captcha to workers from scratch. But you should not worry about that, everything is done at our end.
  4. Proxy, UserAgent and Cookies doesn't affect the solving process. A solution will work from your IP address with your UserAgent and cookies, while it was solved with worker's IP address from anywhere, UserAgent set to Mozilla Firefox and with worker's cookies. But if you'd like to send us your Proxy and UserAgent, we will use it. More details on that in our API documentation.


We'd like to say thanks to A-Parser. They gave us a hint on a right direction and helped with testing. We belive A-Parser is most powerful search engines parser at the moment. They could even parse Amazon and put results in SQL database as they have a server version which supports unlimited threads (it is only limited by your server's performance).

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Bypass hCaptcha with 2captcha API

Recently Cloudflare added hCaptcha support for the security check page and that caused a significant increase of hCaptcha popularity. We want to say few words about this captcha and remind that you can solve hCaptcha with our API.

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