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Payouts to Bitcoin

Important information about payouts to Bitcoin

Since December 7, 2017 transaction fees on Bitcoin ran too high and that screwed up payouts to Bitcoin.
That forced us to increase minimal payout to Bitcoin to $10.

Also we've added new payout methods and added an option to transfer funds between accounts.

New payout methods are:

  • (min $0.5) - payment will come to your wallet in BTC
  • Uphold (min $0.5) - payment will come in USD
  • Coinbase (min $0.5) - payment will come in BTC

We've processed all pending payouts to Bitcoin with amount $10 or more and cancelled all other payouts with lower amount.

That means that now:

  1. You can now change payout method clicking "Edit" on this page: and request payout using new methods.
  2. You can transfer funds to another account to reach the minimal payout amount faster on this page:
  3. You can request payout using Bitcoin method only if you earned $10 or more.