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Buy residential proxies

  • 220+ Countries
  • 90M+ Residential IPs
  • 99,9% Uptime
  • ~0,7 Response time

Avoid restrictions and blocks with the fastest residential proxies in the industry. Use the industry’s most advanced proxy infrastructure.

Quick start
  • Static and rotating residential proxies
  • Unlimited concurrent sessions
  • Target any country, state, city, ASN

The best customer experience provided by leading proxy service provider

  • «G2» rating - 4.5 out of 5 stars
  • «SourceForge» rating - 4.5 out of 5 stars
  • «Captchathecat» rating - 9.8 out of 10 stars

How to get started

  • Register on the website
  • Select the required amount of traffic
  • Open the generator and set the connection settings: GEO, protocol
  • Get authorization data to get started
  • Connect to the proxy server
How to get started using 2Captcha proxy service

Residential proxy price

1 GB$6

Price$6/GBDiscount 0%Buy residential proxyWe accept these payment methods:We support Visa, Mastercard, Airtm, PayPal, Alipay, BTC, USDT payment methods

Proxy plans is directly linked to the volume of gigabytes you purchase. The more gigabytes you procure, the greater the discount you unlock! It's that simple. Unlock discounts with bulk proxy purchases!

  • Flexible rotation options
  • API access
  • SOCKS5 supported
  • Unlimited traffic

Purchase of residential proxy plans

  • $6/ 1 GB
    0% Off
    $6Price per 1GB
    Order now
  • $60
    $50/ 10 GB
    16.7% Off
    $5Price per 1GB
    Order now
  • $180
    $120/ 30 GB
    33.3% Off
    $4Price per 1GB
    Order now
  • Popular Plan
    $300/ 100 GB
    50% Off
    $3Price per 1GB
    Order now
  • $1,200
    $558/ 200 GB
    53.5% Off
    $2.79Price per 1GB
    Order now
  • $6,000
    $2,490/ 1 TB
    58.5% Off
    $2.49Price per 1GB
    Order now
  • $18,000
    $6,570/ 3 TB
    63.5% Off
    $2.19Price per 1GB
    Order now
  • $30,000
    $9,950/ 5 TB
    66.8% Off
    $1.99Price per 1GB
    Order now

Rotated and static resident proxies worldwide

Real residential IPs worldwide. Wide proxy pool covers locations across the world. The network of rotated (dynamic) and static (sticky) resident proxies covers more than 220 countries and the set of IP addresses exceeds the mark of 90 million. Access information you need, no matter the location.

  • United States
    United States2,752,824 IPs
  • Brazil
    Brazil12,629,978 IPs
  • France
    France5,187,963 IPs
  • Russia
    Russia3,484,926 IPs
  • Canada
    Canada3,693,481 IPs
  • Germany
    Germany2,227,198 IPs
  • Australia
    Australia265,445 IPs
  • Great Britain
    Great Britain1,274,731 IPs

Largest and most reliable residential proxy network

Residential proxies uses an IP address belonging to a real device connected to the internet. It belongs to a real user, not a proxy server. Residential proxies are harder to detect and block thus using it provides a higher level of anonymity and security than datacenter proxies. It is also helpful if you need to bypass restrictions and blocks based on IP address.
  • Rotating proxy

    Proxy architecture is unique in its ability to provide rotating residential proxies with one hop connectivity, preventing bottlenecks in the traffic flow.

  • Additional security

    Choose between HTTP, fully encrypted HTTPS, or the fast and dependable SOCKS5 protocol.

  • Ethically sourced proxies

    Residential proxies come from legitimate sources

  • Most stable residential proxy network

    Highest success rates of any global IPs provider

  • Best residential proxy infrastructure

    Unlimited scale and customizing possibilities from any city or country in the world

  • Fastest residential proxies

    Top residential proxy IP network speeds

Rotating residential proxies

Rotating residential proxies

  • IP duration (0 - 120 Min)

Service provides high-quality rotating residential proxies, ensuring reliable and anonymous internet connections. Choose IP rotation duration from 0 to 120 minutes to optimize tasks like web scraping, marketing automation, or online privacy protection. Our network includes millions of IP addresses worldwide, offering professionals dependable and efficient solutions.

Buy rotating residential proxies
Static residential proxies

Static residential proxies

  • IP duration (0 - 120 Min)

Service delivers high-quality static residential proxies for stable and anonymous internet connections. Well-suited for long-term projects like managing multiple accounts, accessing region-specific content, or extensive research. Our network includes millions of genuine IP addresses worldwide, providing professionals with reliable and efficient solutions.

Buy static residential proxies
Residential proxies use cases

Residential proxies use cases

Unlock global data with local appearances. Residential proxies let you access geo-restricted information and collect data from specific regions, giving you a wider and more accurate view. Stay anonymous and avoid online tracking. Protect your privacy and online activities by masking your true IP address with a trusted residential proxy network.

  • TestingTesting

    Integrate with emulators for application testing or automation seamlessly.

  • ScrapingScraping

    Scraping data from apps and platforms. Hide scraping activities from target applications, sites.

  • Review monitoringReview monitoring

    Use stable and reliable residential proxy network to monitor reviews all over the world without any IP blocks.

  • Ad verificationAd verification

    Rotating residential proxies is the most effective tool to check how ads are displayed to different audiences globally.

  • CybersecurityCybersecurity

    Residential IPs are great for identifying threats, testing applications, or monitoring websites in different locations.

  • Travel fare aggregationTravel fare aggregation

    Buy residential proxies, harvest real-time localized data, and provide your customers only with new and relevant travel offers.

Buy residential proxies

  • Access any website and extract the data you need
  • Avoid website blocks by acting like a regular user
  • Bypass GEO restricted content and access localized data
  • Enjoy faster speeds with one hop connectivity
Quick start

Code examples

Effortlessly incorporate proxy into your projects. We ensure a seamless integration of our products into your infrastructure, making the process as effortless as possible. With support for multiple languages and readily available code examples, a swift and uncomplicated start to your web project is guaranteed.


$username = 'ACCOUNTNAME';
$password = 'PASSWORD';
$PROXY_PORT = 9999;
$PROXY_DNS = 'xx.xx.xx.xx';

$urlToGet = '';

$ch = curl_init();
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, $urlToGet);
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_HEADER, 0);
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1);
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_PROXYTYPE, 'HTTP');
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_PROXY, $PROXY_DNS);
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_PROXYUSERPWD, $username.':'.$password);
$data = curl_exec($ch);

echo $data;
const axios = require('axios');
const username = 'ACCOUNTNAME';
const password = 'PASSWORD';
const PROXY_DNS = 'xx.xx.xx.xx';
const PROXY_PORT = 9999;

  .get('', {
    proxy: {
      protocol: 'http',
      host: PROXY_DNS,
      port: PROXY_PORT,
      auth: {
  .then((res) => {
  .catch((err) => console.error(err));
using System;
using System.Net;
using System.Net.Http;
using System.Threading.Tasks;

namespace ProxyHttpExample
    public static class Program
        private const string Username = "ACCOUNTNAME";
        private const string Password = "PASSWORD";
        private const string ProxyDns = "http://xx.xx.xx.xx:9999";
        private const string UrlToGet = "";

        public static async Task Main()
            using var httpClient = new HttpClient(new HttpClientHandler
        Proxy = new WebProxy
          Address = new Uri(ProxyDns),
          Credentials = new NetworkCredential(Username, Password),

            using var responseMessage = await httpClient.GetAsync(UrlToGet);

            var contentString = await responseMessage.Content.ReadAsStringAsync();

            Console.WriteLine("Response:" + Environment.NewLine + contentString);
package main

import (

  proxyUrlTemplate = "http://%s:%s@%s:%s"

const (
  username = "ACCOUNTNAME"
  password = "PASSWORD"

  PROXY_DNS = "xx.xx.xx.xx"
  PROXY_PORT = "9999"

  urlToGet = ""

func main() {
  proxy := fmt.Sprintf(proxyUrlTemplate, username, password, PROXY_DNS, PROXY_PORT)
  proxyURL, err := url.Parse(proxy)
  if err != nil {
    fmt.Printf("failed to form proxy URL: %v", err)

  u, err := url.Parse(urlToGet)
  if err != nil {
    fmt.Printf("failed to form GET request URL: %v", err)

  transport := &http.Transport{Proxy: http.ProxyURL(proxyURL)}
  client := &http.Client{Transport: transport}

  request, err := http.NewRequest("GET", u.String(), nil)
  if err != nil {
    fmt.Printf("failed to form GET request: %v", err)

  response, err := client.Do(request)
  if err != nil {
    fmt.Printf("failed to perform GET request: %v", err)

  responseBodyBytes, err := ioutil.ReadAll(response.Body)
  if err != nil {
    fmt.Printf("could not read response body bytes: %v", err)
  fmt.Printf("Response: %s ", string(responseBodyBytes))

public class Application {
    private static String USERNAME = "ACCOUNTNAME";
    private static String PASSWORD = "PASSWORD";

    private static String PROXY_DNS = "xx.xx.xx.xx";
    private static int PROXY_PORT = 9999;

    private static String URL_TO_GET = "";

    public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException {
        final Proxy proxy = new Proxy(Proxy.Type.HTTP, new InetSocketAddress(PROXY_DNS, PROXY_PORT));
                new Authenticator() {
                    public PasswordAuthentication getPasswordAuthentication() {
                        return new PasswordAuthentication(
                                USERNAME, PASSWORD.toCharArray()

        final URL url = new URL(URL_TO_GET);
        final URLConnection urlConnection = url.openConnection(proxy);

        final BufferedReader bufferedReader = new BufferedReader(
                new InputStreamReader(urlConnection.getInputStream()));
        final StringBuilder response = new StringBuilder();

        String inputLine;
        while ((inputLine = bufferedReader.readLine()) != null) {

        System.out.println(String.format("Response: %s", response.toString()));
#!/usr/bin/env perl

use LWP::Simple qw( $ua get );

my $username = 'ACCOUNTNAME';
my $password = 'PASSWORD';

my $PROXY_DNS = 'xx.xx.xx.xx:9999';

my $urlToGet = '';

$ua->proxy('http', sprintf('http://%s:%s@%s', $username, $password, $PROXY_DNS));

my $contents = get($urlToGet);
print "Response: $contents"
#!/usr/bin/env python3

import requests

username = "ACCOUNTNAME"
password = "PASSWORD"
PROXY_DNS = "xx.xx.xx.xx:9999"
urlToGet = ""
proxy = {"http":"http://{}:{}@{}".format(username, password, PROXY_DNS)}
r = requests.get(urlToGet , proxies=proxy)

#!/usr/bin/env bash

export PROXY_DNS=xx.xx.xx.xx:9999
curl -x http://$USERNAME:$PASSWORD@$PROXY_DNS && echo
Imports System.IO
Imports System.Net

Module Module1

    Private Const Username As String = "ACCOUNTNAME"
    Private Const Password As String = "PASSWORD"
    Private Const PROXY_DNS As String = "http://xx.xx.xx.xx:9999"
    Private Const UrlToGet As String = ""

    Sub Main()
        Dim httpWebRequest = CType(WebRequest.Create(UrlToGet), HttpWebRequest)
        Dim webProxy = New WebProxy(New Uri(PROXY_DNS)) With {
                .Credentials = New NetworkCredential(Username, Password)
        httpWebRequest.Proxy = webProxy
        Dim httpWebResponse = CType(httpWebRequest.GetResponse(), HttpWebResponse)
        Dim responseStream = httpWebResponse.GetResponseStream()

        If responseStream Is Nothing Then
        End If

        Dim responseString = New StreamReader(responseStream).ReadToEnd()
    End Sub

End Module

What are residential proxies

2Captcha residential proxies

Residential Proxy network is a proxy network that contains real IP addresses provided by Internet Service Providers (ISPs). These IP addresses are attached to physical locations across the globe at a country or a city level. Requests coming from residential proxies stand out for their legitimacy, allowing you to gather public data efficiently. Find out more about what residential proxies meaning from the article.


How do I generate a proxy configuration?
  1. Go to the configurator block on the Proxy page.
  2. Choose the type from:
    • State (Province) - City - targeting by State and City
    • ISP - targeting by Internet Service Provider
  3. Choose the Geo-position setting:
    • Global Mix - Geo is picked randomly
    • Europe Mix - Geo is picked randomly in Europe
    • Asia Mix - Geo is picked randomly in Asia
    • City Mix - City is picked randomly
  4. Set the "IP duration" setting based on your needs. It states for how long will the proxy be valid from 0 (every new requests goes via a new IP address) to 120 minutes. We recommend to set 3 minutes.
  5. Press Generate button and check the actual proxy configuration.
How can I change the IP address manually?
You can change the setting of the proxy (Geo settings for example) or you can set the IP duration to 0 so the IP is changed every time you use it.
"IP duration (0 - 120 Min)" does this mean that after 2 hours (120 Min) the proxies will stop working? If yes, is there a way to change it?
No, there is no way to keep the session for longer than 120 minutes
How is the data encrypted when passing through your residential proxies? Are there any specific encryption protocols you use?
We are utilizing those protocols: HTTP, HTTPS and SOCKS5. We don't use any more protocols.
How can I test before I buy?
Unfortunately, we can't provide a trial or free traffic for a proxy.
What is the maximum threads your proxy could handle?
We don't limit the number of threads you use.
Do you somehow limit traffic? Any blocked sites may be?
You will not be able to use proxy with and
Where is your service available?
Worldwide, except China.
Is there any due date for the purchased traffic?
Yes, you should use prepaid traffic within 3 months.
How is IP changing: strictly on time or sometimes when there are no requests?
The IP-address is changed strictly according to the time set in the settings, unless something unpredictable happens (user turned off the PC, disconnection, etc.).
Will the sessions be interrupted when the IP address changes?
When the IP address duration is over, the new IP address is instantly assigned.
How can I change the IP from time to time?
Use IP duration for setting the time of proxy work.
How can I generate a bulk proxy list?
You can use 'Generate proxy list' function to get a list of proxy with unique IP addresses.
Will I have guaranteed unique IP addresses using your 'Generate proxy list' function?
The nature of residential proxy doesn't allow us to check all of it at the moment you requested the list because it's dynamic in nature. This depends on the geo-settings of your proxy list. If you try to get, say, 1000 IP out of the city with 100 devices, obviously we will not be able to provide that amount of devices online, so please keep that in mind when you set up the geolocation.
How is traffic counted: separately or incoming plus outgoing?
Traffic is calculated as the sum of incoming and outgoing traffic. We are aware that some services claim that they count only outgoing, but we tested it and have serious doubts about that being so.
Could you block my account for anything?
Please be aware that we have the right to disable an account if we receive a complaint from our payment processor.
What is your policy regarding data logging? How is it stored and protected?
We don't log anything.
Do you somehow track the traffic or websites visited via proxy? Do you disclose this personal information to someone?
No, we don't track anything, and we have no KYC, so it's safe to say we have zero information about customers. So we can't disclose any information about customers, as we store none of it.
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