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Data annotation and labeling service

Annotation and labeling service for AI/ML companies that require model training.

The service can be used to solve tasks where you need to select a specific object or draw a box around an object shown on an image.

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Accurate bounding box annotation services at a cost-effective price

Data annotation and labeling with 2Captcha

How data annotation service works

Example of data annotation

Data annotation platforms empower developers with a diverse and readily available workforce accessible through a user-friendly interface or seamless API integration.

Organizations can leverage the power of crowdsourcing to handle a range of tasks, including microwork, gathering human insights, and developing machine learning models.

Example of bounding box

Crowdsourced annotation is like outsourcing labeling jobs to a global team:

1. Big data gets chopped into small tasks (e.g., tagging objects in images).

2. Workers complete the tiny tasks, labeling and annotating the data.

3. Quality control: Multiple workers do the same task, inconsistencies get fixed, and instructions improve.

4. AI learns: Labeled data fuels machine learning models, making them smarter.

More data, better models. It's a global collaboration, breaking down big tasks into bite-sized pieces to train AI effectively.

Bounding box

Bounding box object detection service

In computer vision, a bounding box is a rectangular frame that encapsulates an object or area of interest in an image. This method is widely used to label images for machine learning, particularly in object detection and image classification.

Businesses across industries rely on data annotation to automate their operations

Data annotation makes information searchable, usable, and easier to analyze for insights. Labeled data fuels innovation, optimizes operations, and unlocks deeper customer understanding. Also Data labeling is used for accurate predictions, automation.

  • Trucking & Logistics

    Trucking & Logistics

  • Construction


  • Field Service

    Field Service

  • Oil & Gas

    Oil & Gas

  • Delivery


  • Food & Beverage

    Food & Beverage

  • Passenger Transit

    Passenger Transit

  • Satellite image labeler

    Satellite image labeler

  • Agriculture


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With data labeling you can:

  • Comply with industry rules and regulations.

  • Identify risks and automate driver coaching.

  • Improve visibility and automate operations.

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