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Captcha break: Get rid of captcha

Captcha bypass workflow

Automate tasks with fast API. Google reCAPTCHA, hCaptcha, any captcha breaking service can be used for the task of automating bots and integrates into any software that uses captcha services to solve them.

No risk. Pay only for solved captchas.

Quick Start

How to get rid of captcha

  • Sign up on captcha decoding service
  • Implement API
  • Send CAPTCHAS for solve automatically
  • Get bypassed captcha
Use our API to bypass captcha

Get rid of captcha

The captcha bypass service is designed to be easy-to-use and integrate with a variety of platforms and software. This means that both developers and non-technical individuals can make use of it, and it provides a quick and straightforward solution for captcha solving.

reCAPTCHA break: How to get rid of reCAPTCHA

How to solve reCAPTCHAs automatically. Users often face significant delays and frequent access restrictions due to reCAPTCHA challenges, which are based on various factors such as a user's physical and cognitive abilities, social and cultural background, as well as the devices or networks they are connected from.

Is it possible to automatically solve reCAPTCHAs? The process of solving captchas typically involves the customer sending a set of necessary parameters from the webpage where the captcha is placed to a captcha decoding service, where it is solved by a worker. Afterwards, the response is returned to the customer in the form of a token, which needs to be entered into the appropriate field to solve the captcha. It is possible to automatically solve Google's reCAPTCHA using this process.

Captcha defeat

Example of captcha

This service can integrate with any program that uses captcha services to solve captchas and can bypass virtually every captcha type.

APIs for solving captchas are useful for a variety of tasks, including web scraping, automation, marketing, search engine optimization, and other applications.

If you have ever tried to log onto a website, you know that they often ask you to input a string of strange, difficult-to-read characters.

As artificial intelligence becomes more and more essential, determining whether a user is a computer or a human is becoming increasingly crucial for application developers. Various types of captchas have been developed specifically to prevent bots.

You may get frustrated if captchas prevent your bots from web scraping. However, if you still need to scan the internet for research on competitors or other purposes, what can you do? To assist users in overcoming these limitations, consider adding a captcha-solving feature to your applications. This would require the use of a captcha-solving service or API, depending on your specific use case.

Captchas demo

This captcha demo page demonstrates how different types of captchas work. You can try out the various forms and experiment with different types by clicking on the following links.

Use the demo page to test the bypass script. 2Captcha is a powered CAPTCHA workaround service, and Captcha defeat main purpose is to solve captchas in a quick and cost-effective way by using artificial intelligence.

  • Normal CAPTCHA logoNormal CAPTCHA Demo
  • Text CAPTCHA logoText CAPTCHA Demo
  • Click CAPTCHA logoClick CAPTCHA Demo
  • Rotate CAPTCHA logoRotate CAPTCHA Demo
  • KeyCAPTCHA logoKeyCAPTCHA Demo
  • GeeTest CAPTCHA logoGeeTest CAPTCHA Demo
  • GeeTest CAPTCHA V4 logoGeeTest CAPTCHA V4 Demo
  • Lemin CAPTCHA logoLemin CAPTCHA Demo
  • Cloudflare Turnstile logoCloudflare Turnstile Demo
  • MTCaptcha logoMTCaptcha Demo

Captcha bypass tool

Code examples on PHP, Golang, C++, Python, Java, C#, Ruby, JavaScript

Our provided script examples cover all well-known programming languages, allowing developers to easily review code examples for bypassing all popular types of captchas.

Each page includes an explanation of all options necessary for configuring the installed script packages, links for acquiring libraries from GitHub and other sources, as well as standard error handling.

Integrate software with 2Captcha

Integrating captcha recognition software and services with a captcha decoding service is simple and straightforward. By utilizing the service's API, it's possible to easily bypass captchas. However, it's important to note that in order to use this script, it may need to be modified to fit the specific situation, including adjusting the URL settings as necessary.

Logo of «Chrome web store»

Captcha skipper: Get rid of reCAPTCHA on Chrome

Depending on physical and cognitive capabilities, social and cultural backgrounds, and the devices or networks connect from, captcha problems continue to be a significant strain on the internet, delaying and frequently restricting access to services and information. Auto captcha solver browser extension can solves captchas on any site.

Add to Chrome
Demonstration of the extension in the browser

Alternative extensions

Bypass captcha using Selenium/Puppeteer with 2Captcha service


Automate captcha bypass in Puppeteer:

Captcha decoding service

Example of captcha

If you are searching for a reliable captcha decoding service, you have come to the right website. We offer a variety of options and we recommend that you carefully review the information before making a decision.

As a market leader as accurate captcha decoder, 2Captcha provides a fully automated bypass tool. Users can configure captcha break service once and then forget about solving problems, returning only to top up their balance.

The advantage of human recognition over OCR

In our opinion, using a captcha decoding service not only allows you to decode captchas faster, but also saves you a considerable amount of time and money in the long run.

To avoid wasting time on a solution that won't produce the desired results, you can read reviews and make a decision based on them.

We understand your needs and offer decoding services that can be customized to a variety of setups and systems. Ensure you are fully aware of your requirements so that you can make an informed decision. A decoder service is essential for saving time, and we all know that time saved is equivalent to money saved.

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Captcha bypass solution on GitHub

Full documentation and captcha bypass code examples on GitHub

Captcha workaround

High speed, high accuracy, low cost

2Captcha's main purpose is to solve CAPTCHAs quickly and accurately using a combination of optical character recognition and human employees. However, our service is not limited to just CAPTCHA solving. Users can also use our service to convert any type of image that a human can recognize and solve into text.

The price is less when there are a lot of users

The current rate for solving 1000 CAPTCHAs ranges from $0.5 to $1, depending on the number of images received and the number of workers available at that time. If the number of incoming images is less than four times the number of workers online, the rate will be at the minimum of $0.0005 per solved CAPTCHA. As the number of incoming images increases or the number of workers decreases, the rate gradually increases. However, it will never exceed $1 for 1000 solved CAPTCHAs, even during peak hours.

The 100% recognition function, when turned on, is recognized by several workers at once

2Captcha boasts one of the highest average accuracy rates in the market, at 98%. You only pay for CAPTCHAs that are correctly solved, ensuring your money is well-spent. In addition, we offer a special algorithm that guarantees 100% accuracy for certain types of images. This feature works by sending a single image to multiple solvers, and then comparing their answers to see if they match. The algorithm selects the value that has the most matches and returns it to you, ensuring complete accuracy for those tricky images.

Pay for correctly solved CAPTCHAs only.

Bounding box object detection service

Data labeling

Data annotation and data labeling platform for AI/ML companies that require model training: