Lemin Captcha demo

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How to solve Lemin CAPTCHA

  1. Open the developer console in your browser and search for a <script> tag that loads a script fron api.leminnow.com

    <script src="https://api.leminnow.com/captcha/v1/cropped/CROPPED_3dfdd5c_d1872b526b794d83ba3b365eb15a200b/js"></script>
  2. Extract the captcha_id value from the script src property. Find the id of div element used by Lemin. The default one is lemin-cropped-captcha, but the value can be changed by the website owner. Send the captcha to our API.


    $result = $solver->lemin([
        'captchaId' => 'CROPPED_3dfdd5c_d1872b526b794d83ba3b365eb15a200b',
        'apiServer' => 'api.leminnow.com',
        'url'       => 'https://2captcha.com/demo/lemin',


    result = solver.lemin(captcha_id='CROPPED_3dfdd5c_d1872b526b794d83ba3b365eb15a200b',


    1. Make a POST request to our API endpoing https://2captcha.com/in.php:

        "key": "YOUR_API_KEY",
        "method": "lemin",
        "captcha_id": "CROPPED_3dfdd5c_d1872b526b794d83ba3b365eb15a200b",
        "api_server": "api.leminnow.com",
        "div_id": "lemin-cropped-captcha",
        "pageurl": "https://2captcha.com/demo/lemin",
        "json": 1
    2. In the response you will receive the id of your captcha

        "status": 1,
        "request": "2122988149"
    3. Wait 15-20 seconds and make a GET request to our API endpoint: https://2captcha.com/res.php. If the captcha is already solved you will receive the answer:

        "request": {

      If the captcha is not solved yet, you will receive CAPCHA_NOT_READY code in the response. Just repeat the request every 5 seconds until you receive the captcha answer.

      If something went wrong server will return an error code.

  3. Once you have the captcha answer, fill the hidden inputs lemin_answer and lemin_challenge_id with the corresponding values:

document.querySelector('input[name=lemin_answer]').value = "0xaxcgx0xkxbsx0xuxb8x0xuxaux0xuxaax0xux9mx0x18x9cx0x18x92x0x18x8ox0x18x8ex0x18x7qx0x18x7gx0x18x76x0x18x6sx0x18x6ix0x18x68x0xux68x_?_gAAAAABkAHJ-DXKWoMr34j7Y-K5vt6rqQIMCcG0V4KdtDhYghZGq9Uhg0SJoUX_u2414Qeq_-dEet4IGxMbZE2F_agSXTF-8w9Iy07J84I5NcQ6iPbQgPz2R74S7fWws3rn3X5AdmOYb"
document.querySelector('input[name=lemin_challenge_id]').value = "578c0b7b-248f-480e-a3b0-fbe2cbfdcb8b"

Now click "Check" button.

How to solve Lemin CAPTCHA