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Lemin CAPTCHA demo

This page explains how Lemin CAPTCHA is displayed and how Lemin CAPTCHA verification works.

Logo of «Lemin CAPTCHA»

In many cases Lemin CAPTCHA hinder accessibility, frustrate users, limits access to open information, makes testing application and sites difficult. Use Lemin CAPTCHA solver for automatic bypass.

How to solve Lemin CAPTCHA

  1. Open the developer console in your browser and search for a <script> tag that loads a script fron

    <script src=""></script>
  2. Extract the captcha_id value from the script src property. Find the id of div element used by Lemin. The default one is lemin-cropped-captcha, but the value can be changed by the website owner. Send the captcha to our API.


    $result = $solver->lemin([
        'captchaId' => 'CROPPED_3dfdd5c_d1872b526b794d83ba3b365eb15a200b',
        'apiServer' => '',
        'url'       => '',


    result = solver.lemin(captcha_id='CROPPED_3dfdd5c_d1872b526b794d83ba3b365eb15a200b',


    require 'api_2captcha'
    client ="YOUR_API_KEY")
    result = client.lemin({
      captcha_id: 'CROPPED_1abcd2f_a1234b567c890d12ef3a456bc78d901d',
      div_id: 'lemin-cropped-captcha',
      pageurl: '',
      api_server: ""


    1. Make a POST request to our API endpoing

        "key": "YOUR_API_KEY",
        "method": "lemin",
        "captcha_id": "CROPPED_3dfdd5c_d1872b526b794d83ba3b365eb15a200b",
        "api_server": "",
        "div_id": "lemin-cropped-captcha",
        "pageurl": "",
        "json": 1
    2. In the response you will receive the id of your captcha

        "status": 1,
        "request": "2122988149"
    3. Wait 15-20 seconds and make a GET request to our API endpoint: If the captcha is already solved you will receive the answer:

        "request": {

      If the captcha is not solved yet, you will receive CAPCHA_NOT_READY code in the response. Just repeat the request every 5 seconds until you receive the captcha answer.

      If something went wrong server will return an error code.

  3. Once you have the captcha answer, fill the hidden inputs lemin_answer and lemin_challenge_id with the corresponding values:

document.querySelector('input[name=lemin_answer]').value = "0xaxcgx0xkxbsx0xuxb8x0xuxaux0xuxaax0xux9mx0x18x9cx0x18x92x0x18x8ox0x18x8ex0x18x7qx0x18x7gx0x18x76x0x18x6sx0x18x6ix0x18x68x0xux68x_?_gAAAAABkAHJ-DXKWoMr34j7Y-K5vt6rqQIMCcG0V4KdtDhYghZGq9Uhg0SJoUX_u2414Qeq_-dEet4IGxMbZE2F_agSXTF-8w9Iy07J84I5NcQ6iPbQgPz2R74S7fWws3rn3X5AdmOYb"
document.querySelector('input[name=lemin_challenge_id]').value = "578c0b7b-248f-480e-a3b0-fbe2cbfdcb8b"

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