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Using satellite image annotation service API

How to get started

  • Register on the website
  • Create a task for dataset annotation
  • Submit datasets for annotation via API
  • Export the results
How to get started label satellite image datasets for AI using 2Captcha
Satellite image annotator on 2Captcha

Satellite image annotator

Experience unparalleled efficiency in satellite image annotation with our cutting-edge service. This advanced tool is meticulously crafted to simplify and enhance the annotation process for satellite imagery, a critical step in preparing datasets for machine learning endeavors. Boasting an intuitive interface and robust functionalities, our image annotator empowers users to swiftly and accurately mark objects, perform classifications, and ensure the precision essential for robust machine learning models. Elevate your annotation workflow with the reliability and sophistication of the satellite image annotator.

Ship detection in satellite imagery with 2Captcha

Ship detection in satellite imagery

Ship detection in satellite imagery is a critical aspect of maritime surveillance and navigation. Data annotation service allows you to label and classify ships. We can distinguish between various ship types, sizes, and activities. This capability proves invaluable for maritime security, environmental monitoring, and traffic management. Whether for defense, research, or commercial purposes, our ship detection solutions in satellite imagery offer unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in identifying and tracking vessels across vast expanses of water. Explore the future of maritime monitoring with cutting-edge ship detection technology.

Completely handled dataset annotation services

Easily expand labeling operations by leveraging a skilled workforce, cutting-edge tools, and specialized expertise, ensuring the rapid and accurate annotation of large datasets.

Advantages of 2Captcha dataset annotation service
  • Scalability: Proficient dataset labeling services enable you to manage extensive datasets without compromising on quality or speed.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Whether it's a singular project or an continuous workflow, leverage efficient and consistently available operations to maintain cost-effectiveness.
  • Expertise: We are have extensive experience in annotating diverse datasets and possess domain-specific experts across industries.

Start labeling your training images

  • 24/7 Support
  • High accuracy
  • Fast labeling
Quick start

Satellite image labeler

2Captcha - satellite image labeler

Satellite image labeler refers to a service designed to assist in the process of annotating or labeling objects within satellite imagery. This tool is commonly used in fields such as remote sensing, machine learning, and computer vision. The purpose of a satellite image labeler is to streamline the annotation process, allowing users to mark and identify specific objects or features in satellite images, which is crucial for training machine learning models or conducting various analyses in fields such as environmental monitoring, urban planning, and agriculture.

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