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GeeTest CAPTCHA V4 demo

This page explains how GeeTest CAPTCHA V4 is displayed and how GeeTest CAPTCHA V4 verification works. GeeTest V4 is a type of captcha where you have to move a piece of a puzzle or select some figures in the order.

  • GeeTest CAPTCHA V3
  • GeeTest CAPTCHA V4
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In many cases GeeTest CAPTCHA V4 hinder accessibility, frustrate users, limits access to open information, makes testing application and sites difficult. Use GeeTest CAPTCHA V4 solver for automatic bypass.

How to solve GeeTest v4

  1. Open developer's console in your browser and find script element that loads the GeeTest v4 script, you need to grab the captcha_id parameter value from the script src attribute.

    An example of a script element from the page:

    <script  src=";challenge=36056b4d-7453-4153-aaa7-67ac27ccae9c&amp;client_type=web&amp;lang=en&amp;callback=geetest_1679073111173"></script>
  2. Send captcha_id and pageurl to 2Captcha API.


    require(__DIR__ . '/../src/autoloader.php');
    $solver = new \TwoCaptcha\TwoCaptcha('YOUR_API_KEY');
    try {
        $result = $solver->geetest_v4([
          'captchaId' => '42977dc9-a215-4b09-aa14-945ef310d829',
          'url'       => '',
    } catch (\Exception $e) {
    die('Captcha solved: ' . $result->code);


    import sys
    import os
    import requests
    from twocaptcha import TwoCaptcha
    api_key = os.getenv('APIKEY_2CAPTCHA', 'YOUR_API_KEY')
    solver = TwoCaptcha(api_key)
        result = solver.geetest_v4(captcha_id='42977dc9-a215-4b09-aa14-945ef310d829',
    except Exception as e:
        sys.exit('solved: ' + str(result))


    package examples;
    import com.twocaptcha.TwoCaptcha;
    import com.twocaptcha.captcha.GeeTestV4;
    public class GeeTestV4Example  {
        public static void main(String[] args) {
            TwoCaptcha solver = new TwoCaptcha("YOUR_API_KEY");
            GeeTestV4 captcha = new GeeTestV4();
            try {
                System.out.println("Captcha solved: " + captcha.getCode());
            } catch (Exception e) {
                System.out.println("Error occurred: " + e.getMessage());


    using System;
    using System.Linq;
    using TwoCaptcha.Captcha;
    namespace TwoCaptcha.Examples
        public class GeeTestV4Example
            public void Main()
                TwoCaptcha solver = new TwoCaptcha("YOUR_API_KEY");
                GeeTestV4 captcha = new GeeTestV4();
                    Console.WriteLine("Captcha solved: " + captcha.Code);
                catch (AggregateException e)
                    Console.WriteLine("Error occurred: " + e.InnerExceptions.First().Message);


    package main
    import (
    func main() {
        client := api2captcha.NewClient("API_KEY")
        cap := api2captcha.GeeTestV4{
            CaptchaId: "42977dc9-a215-4b09-aa14-945ef310d829",
            Url: "",
        code, err := client.Solve(cap.ToRequest())
        if err != nil {
        fmt.Println("code "+code)


    require 'api_2captcha'
    client ="YOUR_API_KEY")
    result = client.geetest_v4({
      captcha_id: '42977dc9-a215-4b09-aa14-945ef310d829',
      pageurl: ''


    1. Submit a HTTP GET or POST request to our API URL: with method set to geetest_v4 providing values found on previous step in your request as values for corresponding request parameters and also full page URL as value for pageurl.

      Request URL example:

    2. If everything is fine server will return the ID of your captcha:

      Otherwise server will return an error code.

    3. After 15-20 seconds send GET request to get the result:

      If captcha is already solved server will respond with the answer.

      If captcha is not solved yet server will return CAPCHA_NOT_READY result. Repeat your request in 5 seconds. If something went wrong server will return an error code.

  3. If captcha is already solved server will return the response in JSON. The response contains five values: captcha_id, lot_number, pass_token, gen_time and captcha_output:

  4. Use the values returned on your target website the same way they’re used once you solve the captcha manually. There can be a form with a set of hidden inputs or a JavaScript callback. Or you can simply build a HTTP requests with the required data.

  5. Click on "Check" button to submit the form.

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