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Google Search reCAPTCHA update

Update regarding solving reCAPTCHA on

This article is an update to our article about reCAPTCHA on google search .

Two issues

Today we noticed two issues causing problems with solving reCAPTCHA on

  1. A lot of unsolved captchas. Unfortunately, if some worker could not solve it because of bad proxy or could not load a captcha for some reason, this captcha will never be solved. That's because we can't pass it to another worker as this solution 100% will not work.
  2. Low percentage of valid tokens (from 40 to 60%)


Issue number one has no solution for now. But we always return your funds if we can't solve a captcha for you.
Second issue fortunately has a solution. What we found today:

  1. Proxy is not nessesary, but percentage of good tokens is higher with proxy.
  2. You are advised to send us your cookies from But you should not use a cookies of our workers.

If you send us proxy and your cookies, the percentage of valid tokens will be 100%!

So, what is new for today.

  1. Cookies
    Add a "cookies" parameter to your request to in.php. ":" separates cookie name from it's body and ";" separates different cookies like this:

  2. Proxy
    Add "proxy" parameter in following format:
    login:password@ and "proxytype" parameter indicating type of your proxy: HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, SOCKS5.
    proxy=login:pass@ proxytype=HTTP If your proxy has access control, add our IP address as allowed.


  1. How you get cookies if you parse and has no cookies? How could you get cookies from if you are solving on another website and parser never goes to before captcha arrives? For example, you are parsing and you don't have cookies. All you need is to open and save it's cookies. Then, when you parse on and receives a captcha, send it to us.
  2. If a token doesn't work for you or if we didn't solve a captcha for you, you can't just try to solve it again. Instead, you must go back and get a new captcha from search. If you don't do that and will try to send same captcha again, your IP address will be banned by Google.

FAQ on the topic

  1. Can recapthca be bypassed on google search?
  2. Do I have update my code/software?
  3. What exactly should I do?
    Our suggestions:
  • If you use browser simulation - you MUST block execution of javascript from and, or just load only HTML code of the page outside the browser;
  • you MUST provide data-s parameter;
  • it is RECOMMENDED to provide your proxies and use them to interact with, rotate proxies after receiving 429 response;
  • it is RECOMMENDED to provide your cookies to our API, we will use them on workers' side to solve the captcha. If you don't have cookies set by google, then open to get cookies before solving a captcha;
  • it is IMPORTANT to build a proper final URL, that should look like: then open the URL using the token and cookies.


By the way, you can see our investigation live on our forum post at our forum.