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Launched Cutcaptcha solver

Cutcaptcha recognition and bypass service

Launched a Cutcaptcha bypass quick service.

Article describes the process of interaction with the API.

Cutcaptcha meaning

What is Cutcaptcha? Cutcaptcha is a type of captcha that a based on the concept of puzzle. The user must choose and put together a complete image using the puzzle-like missing piece in order to solve the captcha.

Cutcaptcha, a specific type of CAPTCHA, is often used on file-sharing or download websites like Filecrypt. As a result, it frequently appears in file download programs like JDownloader and other similar software. JDownloader, an open-source download manager, aims to provide a seamless and efficient downloading experience. However, the presence of CAPTCHAs can sometimes hinder this goal by making it difficult for users to proceed with their downloads.

The problem can be solved. Let's figure out the solution through the image recognition service.

How to solve the problem with Cutcaptcha?

CAPTCHAs serve as a valuable tool in safeguarding websites and online services by preventing automated access from bots. However, as bots become increasingly sophisticated, CAPTCHAs need to evolve to maintain their effectiveness. This constant evolution can sometimes pose challenges for ordinary users, who may encounter difficulties in completing CAPTCHAs and accessing desired content.

The process of bypassing captcha can be automated.

2Captcha allows you to automate the passing. To start using it you need to register an account. Registration is required to receive the API key. To bypass Cutcaptcha, use the token-based method described in the documentation.

Cutcaptcha solver API


Token-based method to bypass Cutcaptcha.

The token received must be set as the value attribute of the input#cap_token element and/or passed to the callback function.

Task types

  • CutCaptchaTaskProxyless - we use our own pool of proxies
  • CutCaptchaTask - we use your proxies

CutCaptchaTaskProxyless task type specification

Property Type Required Description
type String Yes Task type:
websiteURL String Yes The full URL of target web page where the captcha is loaded. We do not open the page, not a problem if it is available only for authenticated users
miseryKey String Yes The value of CUTCAPTCHA_MISERY_KEY variable defined on page.
apiKey String Yes The value of data-apikey attribute of iframe's body. Also the name of javascript file included on the page

CutCaptchaTask task type specification

CutCaptchaTask extends CutCaptchaTaskProxyless adding a set of proxy-related parameters listed below

Property Type Required Description
proxyType String Yes Proxy type:
proxyAddress String Yes Proxy IP address or hostname
proxyPort Integer Yes Proxy port
proxyLogin String No Login for basic authentication on the proxy
proxyPassword String No Password for basic authentication on the proxy

Request examples

Method: createTask
API endpoint:


    "clientKey": "YOUR_API_KEY",
    "task": {
        "type": "CutCaptchaTaskProxyless",
        "miseryKey": "a1488b66da00bf332a1488993a5443c79047e752",
        "apiKey": "SAb83IIB",
        "websiteURL": ""


    "clientKey": "YOUR_API_KEY",
    "task": {
        "type": "CutCaptchaTask",
        "miseryKey": "a1488b66da00bf332a1488993a5443c79047e752",
        "apiKey": "SAb83IIB",
        "websiteURL": "",
        "proxyType": "http",
        "proxyAddress": "",
        "proxyPort": "8080",
        "proxyLogin": "user23",
        "proxyPassword": "p4$$w0rd"

Response example

    "errorId": 0,
    "status": "ready",
    "solution": {
        "token": "BazM23cpFUUyAAAdqPwNEDZx0REtH3ss"
    "cost": "0.00299",
    "ip": "",
    "createTime": 1692863536,
    "endTime": 1692863556,
    "solveCount": 1

Using the token

Use the returned token as a value for input with id = cap_token, then submit it's parent form, for example:


If there's a callback function defined, you can call it passing the token as argument:



Additional information:

Detailed information about the bounding box method is published on the API page.


If after reading the documentation you still have questions about the service, you can ask a question:

We value feedback and want to make sure the service is perfect for your needs.