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How to find Google reCAPTCHA site key

Learn how to locate and retrieve the Google reCAPTCHA Site Key from any website using simple steps in your browser's developer tools.

What is a reCAPTCHA Site Key

A reCAPTCHA Site Key is a public identifier integral to Google’s reCAPTCHA service, which is designed to distinguish between human users and automated bots.

This key is used to integrate the reCAPTCHA challenges within web pages. It is publicly visible and essential for the reCAPTCHA widget to function on your site, serving challenges that users must complete to verify they are not robots.

How to find Google reCAPTCHA site key

To find and retrieve a Google reCAPTCHA Site Key from any website, follow these steps:

  1. Inspect Website Elements:

    • Open the website where the reCAPTCHA is implemented.
    • Right-click on the page and select "Inspect" or press Ctrl+Shift+I (Cmd+Option+I on macOS) to open the developer tools.
  2. Locate the reCAPTCHA Widget:

    • Look for the reCAPTCHA widget on the webpage. It is typically part of forms like login, registration, or comment sections.
    • In the Elements tab of the developer tools, search for code snippets that include class="g-recaptcha" or similar attributes. This div element is where Google reCAPTCHA is usually initialized.
  3. Find the Site Key:

    • Within the reCAPTCHA div or script tag, locate the attribute data-sitekey. The value associated with this attribute is the public Site Key used by the website.
    • Example: <div class="g-recaptcha" data-sitekey="your_site_key_here"></div>
  4. Extract the Site Key:

    • Copy the Site Key value from the data-sitekey attribute for your reference or use.
  5. Verify the Key (Optional):

    • To ensure the key is active and correct, you might attempt to use it in a test environment or tool designed to validate reCAPTCHA keys. Note that using another site’s reCAPTCHA key without permission is against Google’s terms of service and could lead to legal issues.

Remember that extracting and using reCAPTCHA keys from other websites without authorization can violate terms of service and ethical guidelines. This practice should generally be avoided unless you are authorized to access and use the key for legitimate purposes, such as testing your own site's integration in a development environment.

This method allows developers and website administrators to verify how reCAPTCHA is implemented on a site and ensure it is functioning correctly, but it should be used responsibly and ethically.

How to find Google reCAPTCHA site key using 2Captcha solver extension

You can find the reCAPTCHA site key using extensions for automatic solving captcha for Chrome and Edge browsers.

Here is the link to the extension for Google Chrome - 2Captcha solver extension.

The extension includes a tool called 2Captcha Detector.

To find the key:

  • Open the website where reCAPTCHA is installed, right-click on the page, and select "Inspect" or press Ctrl+Shift+I (Cmd+Option+I on macOS) to open the developer tools.
  • Open the 2Captcha Detector tab. The site key value will be in the parameters table.

Google reCAPTCHA site-key parameter is required to bypass

Google reCAPTCHA, a visually-based challenge designed to be difficult for bots to bypass, typically presents users with a series of images that they need to solve or identify correctly to bypass, but it also blocks traffic from automated bots, leading to accessibility and testing issues.

2Captcha is Google reCAPTCHA solver.


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