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Introducing the new 2Captcha API: JSON API

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Introducing the new 2Captcha JSON API

As a leader in the captcha bypass market, we have developed a new version of the API.

This enhancement is designed to simplify interaction with the API and aims to streamline and simplify customer tasks.

Full documentation with sample queries and code is available on documentation page.

What's new in the API

captcha обход решение api

The new API is built on JSON.

JSON is a format for structuring requests that are sent to the recognition server and back through the API.

The new API is easier to integrate and provides a more convenient format for data exchange.

JSON:API is designed to minimize both the number of requests and the amount of data transferred between clients and servers.

Also, the new API adds support for recognizing new types of captchas:

API v1 continues to be supported

The earlier version API v1 continues to be stable and supported.

If you do not plan to migrate to the new JSON API, no action is required. We support both versions of the API.

Examples of API interaction

Examples of how the client should send requests and how the server should respond to these requests are collected in documentation.


If after reading the documentation you still have questions about the new API, we will be glad to answer and help you:

You can ask a question in any way:

We value feedback and want to make sure the service is perfect for your needs.