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Launched data annotation service

Data annotation labeling platform

Data annotation platform for AI/ML companies that require model training has been launched.

Data annotation is the process of labeling data - text, 2D images, 3D renderings, audio, or video - so that machines can understand it.

In the realm of machine learning and artificial intelligence, the processes of data annotation and data labeling are the tools that transform raw data into actionable insights.

By automating tasks like image tagging or document classification, data annotation frees up your team's valuable time and resources for more strategic endeavors.

What is data labeling?

Data labeling is the process of assigning meaningful and informative labels or tags to raw data, facilitating the training of machine learning models. This task transforms unstructured data into labeled datasets, allowing algorithms to recognize patterns, make predictions, and gain a deeper understanding of the information they process.

So data Labeling - it's the process of enriching raw data with descriptive tags, classifications, and annotations.

In the dataannotation service, datasets are labeled by workers.

Why use data annotation?

The main objective is supercharge your AI: Labeled data fuels the training of AI models, enabling them to recognize patterns, make accurate predictions, and perform tasks like image recognition or sentiment analysis.

How does data annotation service work?

The service operates on a crowdsourcing model, with data labeling tasks performed by workers.

Tasks can range from annotating images and text to labeling video and audio.

The process of working with the platform:

  • Data preparation
  • Task creation: Depending on the type of data and the desired result, specific partitioning tasks are defined. For example, this could be drawing bounding boxes around objects in an image, classifying the meaning of text, or transcribing audio recordings.
  • Annotation: Workers solve markup tasks.
  • Quality control: We employ rigorous quality control measures, including peer review and validation processes, to ensure the highest level of accuracy and consistency in your annotation data.
  • Data export: The customer receives labeled data in a format compatible with the desired AI models or tools.

How to choose the best platform for data annotation

The data annotation platform shall comply with the following requirements:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Expertise and support: Partner with a platform that offers domain expertise in your industry and provides dedicated support throughout the annotation process.
  • Scalability and flexibility: Choose a platform that can handle. Ensure the platform can handle large datasets and scale as your labeling needs grow.
  • Customization: Choose a platform that allows customization to meet specific project requirements.

Key Takeaways

Platform for data annotation and labeling

Data annotation and labeling is an important tool in machine learning, unlocking the potential of raw data and paving the way for innovation.

Data annotation and labeling services enable the creation of high-quality labeled datasets.

Take the best data annotation platform built for AI/ML companies in need of model training.


We value feedback and want to make sure the service is perfect for your needs.


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