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How to bypass Cloudflare captcha and Cloudflare Turnstile captcha

What is Cloudflare captcha?

CloudFlare Turnstile captcha is a security feature that helps protect websites from malicious bots and automated attacks. CloudFlare Turnstile captcha is designed to be easy for humans to complete, but difficult for bots and automated scripts to solve. In most cases, the user is not even required to solve the captcha, and the captcha is solved automatically.

2Captcha is Cloudflare Turnstile bypass service.

How to bypass Cloudflare captcha (Cloudflare Turnstile) using API?

Solving Cloudflare captcha with 2Captcha API is a great way to automate the process This API allows users to submit their captcha to 2Captcha, which then sends the Captcha to a team of human workers who solve the Captcha and return the answer to the user. This process is fast and reliable, and it can be used to solve any type of captcha, including those used by CloudFlare Turnstile.

To use the API to solve CloudFlare Turnstile captcha, the user must first register for an account on the 2Captcha website. Once registered, the user can then use the API to submit their captcha to API. The API requires the user to provide a set of parameters in the request. Once the Captcha is submitted, the API will return a response containing the captcha ID. Then, using the captcha ID, you request a captcha solution from the API.

List of required Cloudflare Turnstile parameters

Parameter Description
key your API key
method turnstile - defines that you're sending Cloudflare Turnstile
sitekey Value of sitekey parameter you found on page
pageurl Full URL of the page where you see the captcha
action The value of action parameter passed to turnstile.render call
data The value of cData passed to turnstile.render call
pagedata The value of chlPageData passed to turnstile.render call
userAgent User-Agent of your browser. Use only modern browsers, we recommend to use browsers released in the last 6 months

The API will then return a response with the answer token for the captcha. You can then use the answer to complete the captcha and proceed with your task. Detailed information about CloudFlare Turnstile captcha bypass is available in the API documentation.

Turnstile captcha on Cloudflare Challenge pages

If you need to bypass the Turnstile on Cloudflare Challenge pages you also MUST provide the following additional parameters:

  • action
  • data
  • pagedata

See below the info how to extract the required parameters.

For cases when Turnstile is used standalone on a website, these parameters are optional.

How to extract the turnstile.render call parameters

To extract the required parameters you can redefine the turnstile.rended method to intercept the parameters passed when the method is called. For example, you can inject the following JavaScript code to the page. The code should be executed before the Turnstile widget is loaded.

const i = setInterval(()=>{
  if (window.turnstile) {
    window.turnstile.render = (a,b) => {
      let p = {
        method: "turnstile",
        key: "YOUR_API_KEY",
        sitekey: b.sitekey,
        pageurl: window.location.href,
        data: b.cData,
        pagedata: b.chlPageData,
        action: b.action,
        json: 1        
      window.tsCallback = b.callback
      return 'foo'

Result example

    "status": 1,
    "request": "0.4uMMZZdSfsVM8...610cd090",
    "useragent": "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/537.36"

You MUST use the returned User-Agent value in your browser or HTTP client together with the token to bypass Turnstile on Cloudflare Challenge pages.


The price of the Cloudflare Turnstile captcha solution is $2.99 per 1000 captcha.
The current price list is available on page.