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Progress in solving reCAPTCHA v2

It’s been awhile since we posted news. By the way we have added lots of new algorhytms for solving reCAPTCHA:

  1. Now we accept recaptchas in any size: 3x3, 4x4, 2x4 and any other type. Our clients have the option to select number of rows and columns.

  2. We have amassed vast reCAPTCHA text database. You can send us your reCAPTCHA instruction in any language – we will automatically translate it into Russian or English for our workers. We will add all major languages later on.

  3. We’ve improved our functionality for recaptchas with updateable images. If after the images were refreshed you’ve sent us the refreshed image we will lock the images that weren’t selected before.

  4. And last, but not the least we started solving audio captchas from reCAPTCHA!

All the parameters for uploading your images can be found here: API 2Captcha