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Launched Tencent captcha solver

Tencent captcha solve and bypass service

Launched a Tencent captcha bypass service.

Article describes the process of interaction with the API.

What is Tencent captcha

What is Tencent captcha: Tencent captcha is a system designed to protect websites from bots. Tencent captcha sets itself apart by seamlessly integrating with Tencent's ecosystem and focusing on analyzing user behavior to minimize inconvenience for genuine users.

How Tencent captcha works

Rather than relying on traditional visual challenges like text recognition or image selection, TCaptcha leans on assessing user interactions and behavioral patterns to authenticate users.

This includes examining how individuals engage with a webpage or their past activities within Tencent's platforms.

TCaptcha is also tailored to adjust to the context of the user's activities, enhancing the experience for users identified as legitimate through their interaction history. This method reduces interruptions for authentic users while still providing strong protection against automated bots.

The system may trigger a TCaptcha test if it detects behavior consistent with automated tools.

Despite its sophistication, using a solving service can circumvent TCaptcha, enabling effective data extraction.

How to bypass Tencent captcha

2Captcha is Tencent captcha solver.

Check out the sample code to bypass Tencent captcha automatically.

It is not easy to bypass Tencent captcha, but the bypass process can be automated using API.

The process for automating the bypass of the Tencent captcha is straightforward:

  • Extract the captcha image from the website and send it to the solver service, where a worker types the required text.
  • The solved captcha response is then returned, and it must be input into the corresponding field on the website to complete the captcha challenge.

To use the API, one must register on captcha solver. After activating the profile, the customer receives the API key and can start working with the service.

The process of interaction with API is described below and code samples in the most popular programming languages are given.

Tencent captcha solver API

An example of working with Tencent captcha solver API v2.

Request examples:

  • Method: createTask
  • API endpoint:


        "clientKey": "YOUR_API_KEY",
        "task": {


        "clientKey": "YOUR_API_KEY",
        "task": {
            "proxyType": "http",
            "proxyAddress": "",
            "proxyPort": "8080",
            "proxyLogin": "user23",
            "proxyPassword": "p4$w0rd"

Response example

        "errorId": 0,
        "status": "ready",
        "solution": {
            "appid": "190014885",
            "ret": 0,
            "ticket": "tr0344YjJASGmJGtohyWS_y6tJKiqVPIdFgl87vWlVaQoueR8D6DH28go-i-VjeassM31SXO7D0*",
            "randstr": "@KVN"
        "cost": "0.00299",
        "ip": "",
        "createTime": 1692863536,
        "endTime": 1692863556,
        "solveCount": 1

Using the token

The token is passed to a callback function defined in 2nd argument of "TencentCaptcha" constructor call during the captcha initialization.

    new TencentCaptcha(CaptchaAppId, callback, options);

This function is usually used to make a request to the website backend where the token is verified. You can execute the callback function passing the token as an argument or build a request to the backend using passing the token. For example, if the captcha is initialized like this:

    const myCallbackFunction = (token) {
        // verify the token
    var captcha = new TencentCaptcha('190014885', myCallbackFunction, {});; 

You need to call:

    let data = JSON.parse(res)

Where res is the JSON response from the API.


Additional information:


If you still have questions about the service, you can ask a question:

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