CoinCollector V3

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ePay Section - 8 of the sites listed at (+ 10 Faucetbox faucets)
Xapo Section - 11 reliable sites that pay strait to a Xapo wallet (+ 7 Faucetbox faucets)
FaucetBox (Dogecoin) - 18 reliable sites that pay through Faucetbox
FaucetBox (Bitcoin) - 18 reliable sites that pay through Faucetbox

Faucetbox - You do not need to create an account, this is done automatically and you can check your earnings using the following link : *your bitcoin OR dogecoin address*

Auto login (If site requires)
Now 72 bots
New design
CPU/Net etc usage stats
Balance check section
Audio On/Off (Bots audio ONLY)
Thread Control (1-18)
Run ALL sections from 1 screen
Total claimed during session (reset on next bot load)
New Settings panel
Proxy Support
2Captcha implemented
Manual Captcha WITH Refresh (Only works with 1 thread *Beta)
Save settings for next bot load
Re-coded a ton of the bot
Bot now lightweight to save memory usage
Added longer timeouts
Auto refresh bot memory every 10 mins
Save login details via "Settings" menu
Retry if failed login
Use captcha services for login if selected or manual if not
- 2Captcha
- Deathbycaptcha
- Decaptcha
- Bypass Captcha
- GSA Captcha Breaker
- Captcha Sniper
Other cpatcha services can be used by using either Captcha Sniper or GSA Captcha Breaker as a tunnel
(So if the captcha service you want to use is not supported by my bot then you can run one of the above software's and use any of the captcha services listed as backup within CS or GSA settings)

#8776506 Vlasta Bošnjak
Dont work,
#7298843 captcha
Dont work, scam
#4034333 Anonym
boa tarde esse programa é pago mais ão fusiona só come os credito

ReCaptcha Solver extension for Firefox & Chrome


Faucet Collector

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