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A-Parser solves the routine tasks of getting, processing and systematization data, needed for work in the following areas:
- SEO-optimization of sites and Web-analytics
- Collection of links databases for XRumer, A-Poster, AllSubmitter, ZennoPoster...
- The rating sites and domains over the set of parameters
- Monitoring of position of any websites in search engines
- Collection of content (text, images, videos) for generating of sites (doorways)
- Monitoring of backlinks
- Collect any information from any sites (e.g. phone/emails, message in forums, ads...)
- Collection and assessment of keywords
- Collection of list of backlinks
- And much more
- Web security
- Collecting and filtering database of links on grounds
- Determination CMS of sites
- Formation of arbitrary GET, POST requests with simultaneous filtration of answer
- Network administration
- Working with DNS Service - rezolving domains to IP addresses
- Working with Whois - registration date and the end of the domain registration, name-servers




GSA Search Engine Ranker

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