Parser Add-In for MS Excel

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The Parser add-in for Excel is a simple and convenient solution to  parse any websites like online stores, social networks, advertising sites etc.
It outputs the data onto Excel spreadsheet (you can save it later in XLS* or CSV format) and downloads files from website into specified folder.
The program has very flexible post processing of received data (a number of text functions, different types of filters, encoding, supports using variables, can split a value into an array and process each element separately, etc.
It's possible to output good's options into separate columns, find a price value on the webpage automatically, process data in JSON / XML format.
Parser add-in supports authorization, region selection, GET and POST requests, working with cookies and request headers, multithreading (up to 200 threads), recognizing CAPTCHA using service, caching, recursive searching for specific pages, saving downloaded images of the goods under the given names into one or more folders, and much more.
It can get source data for parsing from an Excel spreadsheet, use browser (IE) to interact with website, automatically find pager links.
Searching for necessary data on pages is based on searching for tags and / or tag attributes.
Specialized functions to process HTML allow you to convert HTML tables into text (or pairs name-value) in different ways.
Due to close integration with Excel, the Parser add-in can read any data from Excel files, creates separate sheets and files, dynamically generates columns for output, and uses the full power of the built-in Excel capabilities.
It also supports collecting of data from different types of files (Word, XML, TXT, PDF, HTML format) from a user-defined folder
Using this add-in you can configure the parsing of multiple websites. Before starting the parsing (by clicking on the Excel toolbar), you can select a previously configured site from drop-down list.

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