Solving GeeTest Captcha

GeeTest is a type of captcha where you need to move a piece of a puzzle or select several objects in the desired order. It is somewhat similar to KeyCaptcha, but has a different solution method

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Solving GeeTest

1. Find the following GeeTest captcha parameters on the target website (usually you can find them inside initGeetest function):

gt - public website key (static)

challenge - dynamic challenge key

api_server - API domain (optional)

Important: you should get a new challenge value for each request to our API. Once captcha was loaded on the page the challenge value becomes invalid. You should inspect requests made to the website when page is loaded to identify a request that gets a new challenge value. Then you should make such request each time to get a valid challenge value.

2. Send these parameters to 2Captcha API.

3. If captcha is already solved server will return the response in JSON. The response contains three values: challenge, validate and seccode:

    "challenge": "1a2b3456cd67890e12345fab678901c2de",
    "validate": "09fe8d7c6ba54f32e1dcb0a9fedc8765",
    "seccode": "12fe3d4c56789ba01f2e345d6789c012|jordan"

4. Use the values received from our API to submit your request to the target website placing the values into corresponding request fields:


6. Click on "Check" button to submit the form.

Read more at 2Captcha API

Recognition price

The recognition cost is very low, from 0.01 cent for one captcha. For convenience, the entire price is indicated for recognizing 1000 captchas, but billing in the system occurs separately for each captcha. Different types of captchas are recognized at different prices.

2.99 $

Por 1000 captcha ordinarios

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