hCaptcha bypass

hCaptcha bypass

2Captcha is the market leader in hCaptcha bypass services.

  • No risk: pay only for automatically solved captchas.

  • The captcha recognition service is fully automated.

The bypass process is as follows: using the API, the customer passes a set of necessary parameters from the captcha placement page to the service, where the employee solves it. After that, the customer requests a set of parameters that must be passed to the appropriate fields to solve the captcha on the page.

Captcha namePrice per 1000Solving speedHow to bypass
hCaptcha bypassPrice per 1000$2.99Solving speed0sHow to bypass
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The demand for software that can distinguish between human and bot activity has increased as studies show that bots generate more than 40% of all traffic.

hCaptcha challenges remain a significant burden on the web, delaying and frequently blocking access to services and information based on physical and cognitive abilities, social and cultural background, and the devices or networks from which they are connected.

hCaptcha difficulties can be so difficult that they appear friendlier to bots than to humans.

The hCaptcha bypass project's goal is to improve our experience with captchas by making it simple to access solutions already used by automated systems.

CAPTCHA can be easily hacked or bypassed in all of its forms. There are even courses available to teach people how to build bots that can bypass image-based and text-based CAPTCHA.

Reasons to avoid hCaptcha in situation:

  • Learning DDoS cyber attack
  • Understanding CDN and DDoS protection
  • Learning web scraping
  • Learning search engine technology
Example of hCaptcha widget 'i am a human'

What is hCaptcha?

CAPTCHA just stands for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.

CAPTCHAs are tools that can be used on the internet to distinguish between real users and automated users such as bots.

hCaptcha provides more reliable bot detection while remaining simple for humans to solve.

The best online services rely on hCaptcha Enterprise to manage bots and fraud. hCaptcha deters bots more than other captchas.

Understanding the methods used by spammers to avoid CAPTCHA explains why those CAPTCHA codes can be difficult to enter.

hCaptcha workflow

How does hCaptcha work

The hCaptcha service generates datasets for machine learning. It accomplishes this by offering a useful service to website owners. Using a captcha to protect their sites from non-human actors and bots allows hCaptcha to use work from site visitors that would otherwise be wasted effort.

Everyone benefits from this:

  • Website owners protect their sites by implementing a captcha challenge to prevent bot/spam traffic. By using hCaptcha, they are protected and compensated.
  • Website visitors prefer a site with less spam and fewer bots.
  • Labeling requestors receive high-quality human annotations for their machine learning needs.
Problems when using hCaptcha

CAPTCHA codes, despite being designed to be simple for humans to solve, can be perplexing and frustrating. However, there is a reason why they are not simpler.

Bots, spam, and other forms of automated abuse can be prevented by using the hCaptcha widget. hCaptcha installation is quick and simple. It is necessary to either add some simple HTML and server-side code, or use one of the many tools that natively support hCaptcha.

hCaptcha widget on web site

hCaptcha bypass reasons

While browsing the web, it is common to see a captcha screen - those small quiz boxes have to be solved to prove you are not a spambot. Must have to pass the CAPTCHA test to prove you are “not a robot” before you can access some part of a site. Usually, this occurs at a point where you need to complete a form to sign up. So it is very frustrating.

The average user encounters a captcha at least once every ten days. An IT specialist, on the other hand, may have to deal with it hundreds of times per day. Some businesses are forced to outsource their hCaptcha solving. There are entire departments dedicated to passing hCaptcha instead of the client company's employees. If a task is performed more than three times per day, developing a tool that can complete the task in a single click is simply essential.

  • hCaptcha bypass methods

    How to bypass hCaptcha

    Is it possible to automatically bypass hCaptcha? Computers can solve CAPTCHA. It entails using neural networks (the meat and potatoes of artificial intelligence) to train computers based on CAPTCHA examples and the text in each image.

    There are various types of solvers:

    • Human-based method
    • Optical character recognition
  • hCaptcha bypass extensions

    Yes, if anyone has good enough computer vision, a CAPTCHA (a completely automated public Turing test to tell humans and computers apart) can be bypassed.

    Google's efforts to solve its own CAPTCHAs have yielded a 96% accuracy rate.

    To avoid hCaptcha, use the following:

  • hCaptcha bypass services

    The accuracy of the hCaptcha bypass service is not 100%, but if you only encounter a few hCaptchas, it will suffice.

    A neural network must be trained in order to automate bypass. There are several tools on the market to help with this, as well as product protection testing automation. A single bypass using such a tool can cost less than a cent.

    All you have to do is join the best captcha solving service.

    • Use an anti-captcha API.
    • CAPTCHAS are sent to be solved automatically.
    • Get captcha bypassed quickly.

hCaptcha bypass service

hCaptcha is a relatively new type of captcha that looks very similar to reCAPTCHA.

2Captcha enables automatic captcha service resolution. For automatic recognition, simply use the captcha bypass API.


Price per 1000
0 sec.
Solving speed

hCaptcha solver API:

  • We support API for «PHP» language
  • We support API for «Python» language
  • We support API for «Go» language
  • We support API for «Ruby» language
  • We support API for «C#» language
  • We support API for «Java» language
hCaptcha bypass workflow

Bypassing hCaptcha is easy:

  • Service take the captcha parameters from the page in the form of the data-sitekey parameter and the page URL and transfer it to the server, where the solves it
  • Response is returned in the form of a token, which must be entered into the appropriate field for the captcha solving.

Recognition price: $2.99 for 1000 solving captchas.

hCaptcha bypass API service

  1. Open developer's console in your browser and find element with data-sitekey attribute.

  2. Send sitekey and pageurl to 2Captcha API. Wait for the result, which may look like this:


  3. In developer's console, find textarea with name="h-captcha-response", and put there received code. Then, click the Check button.

    Read more - captcha solving API dоcumentation.

    // https://github.com/2captcha/2captcha-php
    require(__DIR__ . '/../src/autoloader.php');
    $solver = new \TwoCaptcha\TwoCaptcha('YOUR_API_KEY');
    try {
        $result = $solver->hcaptcha([
            'sitekey' => 'f7de0da3-3303-44e8-ab48-fa32ff8ccc7b',
            'url'     => 'https://2captcha.com/demo/hcaptcha',
    } catch (\Exception $e) {
    die('Captcha solved: ' . $result->code);
    # https://github.com/2captcha/2captcha-python
    import sys
    import os
    from twocaptcha import TwoCaptcha
    api_key = os.getenv('APIKEY_2CAPTCHA', 'YOUR_API_KEY')
    solver = TwoCaptcha(api_key)
        result = solver.hcaptcha(
    except Exception as e:
        sys.exit('solved: ' + str(result))
    // https://github.com/2captcha/2captcha-csharp
    using System;
    using System.Linq;
    using TwoCaptcha.Captcha;
    namespace TwoCaptcha.Examples
        public class HCaptchaExample
            public void Main()
                TwoCaptcha solver = new TwoCaptcha("YOUR_API_KEY");
                HCaptcha captcha = new HCaptcha();
                    Console.WriteLine("Captcha solved: " + captcha.Code);
                catch (AggregateException e)
                    Console.WriteLine("Error occurred: " + e.InnerExceptions.First().Message);
    // https://github.com/2captcha/2captcha-java
    package examples;
    import com.twocaptcha.TwoCaptcha;
    import com.twocaptcha.captcha.HCaptcha;
    public class HCaptchaExample {
        public static void main(String[] args) {
            TwoCaptcha solver = new TwoCaptcha("YOUR_API_KEY");
            HCaptcha captcha = new HCaptcha();
            try {
                System.out.println("Captcha solved: " + captcha.getCode());
            } catch (Exception e) {
                System.out.println("Error occurred: " + e.getMessage());
    // https://github.com/2captcha/2captcha-go
    package main
    import (
    func main() {
        client := api2captcha.NewClient("API_KEY")
        cap := api2captcha.HCaptcha{
            SiteKey: "f7de0da3-3303-44e8-ab48-fa32ff8ccc7b",
            Url: "https://2captcha.com/demo/hcaptcha",   
        code, err := client.Solve(cap.ToRequest())
        if err != nil {
        fmt.Println("code "+code)
    // https://github.com/2captcha/2captcha-cpp
    #include <cstdio>
    #include "curl_http.hpp"
    #include "api2captcha.hpp"
    int main (int ac, char ** av)
    api2captcha::curl_http_t http;
    http.set_verbose (true);
    api2captcha::client_t client;
    client.set_http_client (&http);
    client.set_api_key (API_KEY);
    api2captcha::hcaptcha_t cap;
    cap.set_site_key ("f7de0da3-3303-44e8-ab48-fa32ff8ccc7b");
    cap.set_url ("https://2captcha.com/demo/hcaptcha");
        client.solve (cap);
        printf ("code '%s'\n", cap.code ().c_str ());
    catch (std::exception & e)
        fprintf (stderr, "Failed: %s\n", e.what ());
    return 0;   
    require 'api_2captcha'
    client =  Api2Captcha.new("YOUR_API_KEY")
    result = client.hcaptcha({
      sitekey: '10000000-ffff-ffff-ffff-000000000001',
      pageurl: 'https://www.site.com/page/'