Boon AIO

150 $
Purchasing an access pass to Boon AIO unlocks a suite of tools to help you easily get whitelisted in NFT servers and to make your life easier when working with the Solana blockchain (future expansion into Ethereum is planned as well). At the moment there are two primary modules: discord and Twitter. These modules include, but are not limited to:
- discord invite joiner - MANY types of server verification are supported (with new ones constantly being added), including:- - Reaction-based, Button-based, Server Supervisor Bot, Wick Bot, Sledgehammer Bot, Invite Management Bot, Dyno Bot, Pandez Bot, Passcode-based, Invite Tracker Bot, Bot and Verifier Bot- discord chat activity grinder- discord and Twitter giveaway joiners/checkers- discord and Twitter giveaway monitors/auto-joiners- - For Discord: monitor one server or all the servers on an account- - For Twitter, monitor a user, hashtag or account's timeline (also can monitor for discord invites)- Optimized spoof browsers for discord and Twitter (with a Phantom wallet generator and Connect-To-Mercury module for discord )- Miscellaneous discord and Twitter tools to modify/legitimize accounts and make handling your whitelists easier- Multiple Candy Machine related tools (extract CMs, lookup CM info, etc.), monitors, and access to a group of likeminded NFT/bot enthusiasts.- Check out our documentation - to see a full list of our current features
Price listed is subject to change depending on current marketplace floor price. A 0.6 Solana monthly fee is also required to run the software (there is a 2-day free trial to test the software before paying the monthly fee)


9.95 $

Discord Mass DM GO

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