Craigslist Auto Poster (CLADGenius)

524.9 $
Craigslist Auto Posting Software
Powerful Robust Posting Software For All User Types.
Post To Any City Or Region Globally. On Craigslist, Backpage, And Ebay Classifieds
Create Hotmail Account, Craigslist Phone Verified and Non Verified Accounts.
Market Your Business Around The Clock.
Free Demo Our Classified Ad Posting Tool Today.

CLAD Genius has supported 1000's of clients around the world for over 6+ years.
Our software is responsible for posting millions of ads per day.
Live chat with our team today. Great Support and consistently updated.
Learn why Craigslist and other classified sites can benefit your business.

Top Used Features:
+Craigslist Ad Poster (Post ads to any section of Craigslist nationwide and the world)
+Ad Randomization Tools (Built in ways to find synonyms for mutations of words, use of spintax, tokens, and other built in directives to ensure your ads are as unique as theoretically possible.)
+Craigslist Auto Renew (Re post ads automatically every 48 hours)
+Ad Repost Posting (Automatically repost ads that are flagged, removed, or staff moderated)
+Hotmail Account Creator (Create hotmail account with custom username and other useful tools)
+Craigslist Account Creator (Automatically create accounts for posting ads to Craigslist)
+Phone Verification Support & Module (Use phone verification technology to verify Craigslist accounts when prompted for phone numbers and codes. Beat the CL road blocks.)
+Captcha Bypass Features (Supports Various Captcha and Recaptcha Services)
+Full Ad Scheduling (Schedule ads based on when your clients are online)
+Full Ad Campaign Management (Manage 100s or 1000s of ads with many features to bind accounts, emails, proxies, and other data to make for seamless posting based on your needs)
+Image Uploader & Resize Feature (Resize images automatically and allow the software to rename built in. Less wasted time passing filters)
+Various ad posting styles (Post ads sequentially or on a schedule or as fast as you can get them live)
+Backpage Ad Posting (Post ads to any section of Backpage nation and world wide)
+Ebay Classifieds Ad Posting Feature (Post ads to any section of Backpage nation and world wide)


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