Discord Mass DM GO

DMDGO is a Multi-threaded Discord Self-Bot primarily used for mass messaging users on Discord. It has numerous other quality
features to enhance the user experience and allowing the user to target
the most users.

Features :
  • Invite joiner [Single Invite/Multiple Invites] with delays to bypass Anti-Raid bots
  • Mass DM Advertisement
  • Single DM Spam
  • Reaction Adder
  • Token format changer
  • Token Checker
  • Guild Leaver
  • Token Onliner
  • Scraping [3 Modes to get the maximum users including an Opcode 8 Scraper]
  • Name Changer
  • Avatar Changer
  • Checks if tokens are in a server
  • Multi-threaded and supports high number of simultaneous accounts
  • Proxyless / HTTP(s) Proxies
  • Can ping users
  • Can send Embeds (can no longer send embeds after Discord update on 22nd January 2022 removing ability to send embeds completely
    from regular discord users)
  • Supports multiple messages, sends one randomly
  • Can receive messages from people it messaged
  • Uses safe requests to prevent phone locks
  • Free & Open source
  • Compatible with all major OS and Architectures
  • Highly documented to help the user run it without problems



9.95 $


24990 rub
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