Human Emulator

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You can do with the Human Emulator: 

  • Auto-fill forms, text boxes, and other elements on any website like a human.
  • Extract and sorting data(the prices, analytics, keywords, images, products etc.) and report generation. Parsing any data with possibility of saving in various formats. 
  • Full automation of social networks. 
  • Website promotion automation. Automation any SEO tasks. Filling the site (blog, online store etc) by content.
  • Website testing by user emulation.

Human Emulator features:
Multithreading. Can run many browsers simultaneously with multithreading.
100% browser emulation with Internet Explorer or Chromium.
Supports http, https proxy, Socks 4, 4/5, 5.
Solve captchas manually or remotely with built-in third-party service integration including ReCaptcha 2.0.
Mouse move and click and full keyboard emulation using events sending or real mouse and keyboard.
Disabled ip tracking through WebRTC.
Supports flash, javascripts, ajax, etc(can be disabled).
Load data from file/url/string.
Works with database. 
Works with FTP. Allows to automate uploading and downloading files through FTP.
Works with browser fingerprints.
Cookie Management. Save, store, clear, and load or create cookies. 
Cache Management. Save, store, clear any cache files.
Browser settings management. Useragent substitution, accepts, enable/disable images, frames, sounds, messages etc.
Record actions and automatically convert them into scripts using tools the Macros and the Code Helper. 
Find and fix errors quickly and easily with Human Emulator Studio’s built-in PHP debugger. 
Find, scrape, and save any web page content.
Send, receive, and scan emails using POP, SMTP and IMAP.
Can type and click into any window on your PC.
Developer tools integration.
Automate Web Upload/Download.
Any attributes of elements of the page can be changed, added or deleted. 
Built-in tools for working with DOM elements - Inspector, Tree, List.
Remote control. Can be installed on the server and manage it from another PC.
Available all the functionality of programming languages C #, PHP, Java Script and Phyton. 
You can use any existing C#, PHP, Java Script and Phyton code in the Human Emulator.
Human Emulator library for .NET. Using XHE.dll for .NET you can develop your own applications. 
Computer vision. Identifying web page elements using their photo with computer vision.


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