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Updates in the Grid method when solving reCAPTCHA

Our team regularly enhances the service. 2Captcha provides a service for automatic solving and bypassing reCAPTCHA. According to the CaptchaTheCat rating service 2Captcha is the best reCAPTCHA solver. We have made improvements to the API to speed up automatic solving. This article describes the changes made. Examples of working with the service's API are included.

Changes have been added to the Grid method that allow you to solve the reCAPTCHA grid faster using computer vision. Using these changes, you can significantly reduce the time to solve captcha, the solution time is reduced to a few seconds.


Added new parameter for Grid method, img_type parameter for API v1 and imgType parameter for API v2. When solving captcha using Grid method, it is necessary to specify the type of solved captcha using the new parameter.

Set the value to recaptcha for the img_type \ imgType parameter when submitting a reCAPTCHA captcha using the Grid method. Using the img_type \ imgType parameter will allow you to get the captcha solved faster than without this parameter.


  • When using the img_type \ imgType parameter, you must be sure to pass the textinstructions \ comment parameter containing the original captcha instructions in English.
  • You need to send the original image files, not screenshots.

Using this option will reduce the time of captcha solution to a few seconds. The reduction of captcha solving time is achieved by using Computer Vision when solving captchas.

An example of a reCAPTCHA image for send to API:

Request examples

Sending reCAPTCHA Grid using a new parameter


Method: POST
API endpoint:

    "method": "base64",
    "key": "key",
    "recaptcha": 1,
    "json": 1,
    "recaptchacols": 3,
    "recaptcharows": 3,
    "img_type": "recaptcha",
    "textinstructions": "Select all images that have cars in them",
    "body": "/9j/4AAQSkZJRgABAQEAYABgAAD/4QBoRXh..."


Method: POST
API endpoint:

    "clientKey": "key",
    "task": {
        "type": "GridTask",
        "body": "/9j/4AAQSkZJRgABAQEAYABgAAD/4QBoRXhpZg...",
        "imgType": "recaptcha",
        "rows": 3,
        "columns": 3,
        "comment": "Select all images that have cars in them"

Response example

When the captcha is solved, the server will return a response with the grid cell numbers that match the requirements.


Method: GET
API endpoint:

    "status": 1,
    "request": "click:7/8/9"


Method: POST
API endpoint:

    "errorId": 0,
    "status": "ready",
    "solution": {
        "click": [
    "cost": "0.0012",
    "ip": "",
    "createTime": 1714662889,
    "endTime": 1714662946,
    "solveCount": 1