Instructions for proper recognition captchas on the service

ReCaptcha V2 New
Very popular lately, It is a 9 thumbnails, from which to choose preset 24 Pictures. What kind of pictures to choose a specified sample images or text. In response to this need to enter the captcha number of pictures, that you want to select. The numbers are entered with no spaces, no commas. If a picture does not offer themselves, then they are left to right, top to bottom. Like this:
1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9

captcha correct
13 the right shows a sample of cabbage. The pictures numbered 1 and 3 we can see a cabbage. In response captcha we will write 13
58 Right dish with spaghetti. the pictures has been match pictures with numbers 5 and 8. In the picture under number 3 the same pasta, ravioli, but instead of spaghetti.
239 The sample is not only the text on which it is written, what pictures to choose. The picture are not numbered, so use the above instructions, to understand how the picture corresponds to the correct number
456 on the left we are can see picture, that say to need to select road signs.
18 The figure sample - eggs. They also in pictures 1 and 8, although they are already cleaned and cut. Correct answer- 18
25 The figure of the sample & nbsp; - Pie. The pictures 2 and 5 can see cakes and answer 25.
12 The webmaster, who sent the captcha by its principle numbered image. In this example, we use its numbering and point out that it is necessary to select 1 and 2 image
356 This webmaster numbers in the correct order Images, but they are started not from a 1 they are started from 0.. .


ReCaptcha v2 with traffic signs and street signs

Particular attention is given captcha, which depicts the traffic signs streets. Index of the street is not a road sign.

Captcha Currect
1239 Street name
The streets are always written in white on a green background in a single line. The picture 7 is a road sign..
1348 there is a everything easy

Street signs

to the captcha everything is a very easy

278 In the image # 7 pointer is not on the pole, as regular pointers, and chippers. Nevertheless, it is a signpost.
26 Bus stop sign is also a signpost
1248 Be careful at this point we are asked displayed in a CAPTCHA pointers streets.
2469 The image №1 pointer, not the name of the street.
1236  The image №5 pointer, not the name of the street. The image №2 not see the name of the street, but you can guess what it is there.

This displayed in a CAPTCHA meet the standard small phrase in English, helping them to quickly introduce and teach English. .


captcha currect
video tape simple CAPTCHA is entered without any problems
what if? Note punctuation is also necessary to enter.
When, where? comma and a question mark must be specified in the response.
 i like people In the first letter of the word LIKE is difficult to disassemble, but if you look at the entire phrase it is easy to understand that there is a letter.
I like people 
rooftop You would think that the first letter in the displayed in a CAPTCHA P and it just stuck two sticks. But the words do not exist POOFTOP and ROOFTOP is something that is installed on the roof. By the way, for such errors workers not banned yet. After all, few people know all these words, very easy to make a mistake.
first post! The first letter is hidden, but looking at the whole word, you can guess what it says FIRST
  But sometimes come across such, that impossible to read. In this case, you have to press "it's not a captcha"

Other types of captchas

Captcha currect
  If the captcha in a another laguange, then just click to the button "It's not english" in a bottom of the page.
  If you see in the captcha the letter "Яндекс" then click the button "It's not english" at the buttom of the page.
dary hasnema to the captcha need to write both words, and put a space between them. Just like in the picture.
morning person  Do not enter in a answer "Enter the following:"













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