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Error codes

API error codes reference

In case if something is wrong with your request or task our API returns an error code. Below you can find the full list of our API error codes.

Id Code Description
0 - No errors
1 ERROR_KEY_DOES_NOT_EXIST Your API key is incorrect. Make sure you set the key correctly and copied it from the dashboard in Customer or Developer mode
2 ERROR_NO_SLOT_AVAILABLE Your bid is too low for the captcha you submit or the queue of your captchas is loo long and we temporary do not accept more captchas from you
3 ERROR_ZERO_CAPTCHA_FILESIZE Image size is less than 100 bytes
4 ERROR_TOO_BIG_CAPTCHA_FILESIZE Image size is more than 100 kB or image is bigger than 600px on any side
10 ERROR_ZERO_BALANCE You don't have funds on your account
11 ERROR_IP_NOT_ALLOWED The request is sent from the IP that is not on the list of your trusted IPs
12 ERROR_CAPTCHA_UNSOLVABLE We are unable to solve your captcha - three of our workers were unable solve it. The captcha price is automatically returned to your balance
13 ERROR_BAD_DUPLICATES The error is returned when 100% accuracy feature is enabled. The error means that max numbers of tries is reached but min number of matches not found
14 ERROR_NO_SUCH_METHOD Request made to API with a method that does not exist
15 ERROR_IMAGE_TYPE_NOT_SUPPORTED The image can not be processed due to an incorrect format or size, or the image is corrupted. Please check the image in your request payload
16 ERROR_NO_SUCH_CAPCHA_ID You've provided incorrect captcha ID in the request
21 ERROR_IP_BLOCKED Your IP address is banned due to improper use of the API
22 ERROR_TASK_ABSENT task property is missing in your createTask method call
23 ERROR_TASK_NOT_SUPPORTED task property in your createTask method call contains the type of task that is not supported by our API or you have an error in type property
31 ERROR_RECAPTCHA_INVALID_SITEKEY The sitekey value provided in your request is not valid
55 ERROR_ACCOUNT_SUSPENDED Your API access was blocked for improper use of the API. Please contact our support team to resolve the issue
130 ERROR_BAD_PROXY Incorrect proxy parameters or can not establish connection through the proxy
110 ERROR_BAD_PARAMETERS The required captcha parameters in your reques are missing or have incorrect format. Please make sure your request payload has proper format for selected task type
115 ERROR_BAD_IMGINSTRUCTIONS The error is returned in cases when imgInstructions contains unsupported file type, corrupted file or the size of the image is over the limits. The limits are described in the corresponding task type specification.

HTTP response codes

If our API is able to process your requests properly the response status code is always 200 OK. But in case if there are any kind of technical issue, a failure or maintanence, your request can receive an error response or for a malformed request you can receive a client error response. We recommend you to check the status code for every response and if it is not 200 OK then wait few seconds and repeat the request. You can also log your request data and the response for debugging purposes, this info can be useful when contacting our support team.